The Karmic Pendulum

The Karmic Pendulum

Forget science for a while. Look at it this way – Don’t we all wish that the rope that swings is freed some day. And then, its fall or flight for sure! Suspended by a point, gravity is responsible for its fate – eventually the pendulum comes to rest – call it defeat, peace, acceptance or resistance to every opposing condition, but what does it really teach?… The Pendulum!

Weird, I thought about oscillation after some 8 or so years of school life..weird, I even remembered ‘oscillation’. I guess, it was time I derived some ‘REAL’ meaning out of it.

Think of the repetitive events in your life that somehow, despite of your various efforts manage to knock you down with a similar kind of blow. Think of the mockery that manages to punch you hard in the stomach every time. Think of you unconquered fears. Doesn’t it feel like the same force, same intensity, same blow? It moves you from rest and disturbs all calm.

That said, we can’t forget that reaction plays an important role in the swing like mechanism that the oscillation follows. Imagine an obstinate one that refuses to budge no matter what’s borne upon it. Brick solid – it won’t show an inkling of being bullied. It doesn’t bother what the circumstances are up to. It sits like a meditating Budhha – A big smile on its round face. ‘Bring it on’ it says, all the forces against it. Nope! It can’t be shunted. Doesn’t happen that way…does it?

Why do we have to be like the pendulum..
Why do we have to take the blow?
Why can’t we be at peace, at rest?

Ah, but the pendulum has free will…!!

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