How Online Education Suddenly Became Popular during Corona Pandemic?

How Online Education Suddenly Became Popular during Corona Pandemic?

Truly speaking, COVID-19 is firstly a health issue which has severely affected many people around the globe.

Similar to the businesses, tourism and other sectors of social life, this pandemic ruthlessly effected the education system. The developed countries, however, have coped up this issue by already arranging a vigilant online system for education.

But underdeveloped countries like Pakistan come across virtual classes after this pandemic. The COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut around the world. Almost 2 billion children are out of the classroom. Consequently, education has taken a dramatic change, with the distinctive rise of online education, whereby teaching is taken on remotely and on digital platforms. Online entry test preparation platforms like has reported growth of up to 300% compared to the same period in 2019.

Online Education- an ease or difficulty

Research has found that online learning increases the retention of information, and take less time in contrast to other means of study, meaning the changes caused by this pandemic might be here to stay.

How Online Education Suddenly Became Popular during Corona Pandemic?

While countries are at different stages in their Coronavirus infection rates, globally, there are currently around 2 billion children in 186 countries affected by school closures due to COVID-19.

In Pakistan, children of intermediate class are still not attending colleges after initially closing in March, but in university, students are responding to roll calls from their teachers online and taking their lectures regularly.

With this rapid shift away from the classroom in many parts of the world, some are pondering whether the implementation of online learning will continue to persist post-pandemic, and how such a shift would influence the students of F.Sc and A-levels striving to get admission in Medical and Engineering Universities.

In a nutshell, online education is quite easier, cheaper and less time-consuming solution for all students.

How students can prepare for their entry tests during COVID-19?

Due to the significant demand, many online platforms are emerging for entry test preparation. But students need to consider few things before taking any decision for getting subscriptions. Let’s delve into one by one:

Recorded Lectures of Subject Specialists

The first and foremost thing to look for before paying the fee for online platform is the lectures. In order to understand any topic, taking lecture is very important. Due to the fact that there is less face-to-face interaction with the teacher, it is necessary that the lecture must be recorded by the subject specialist so that he/she ensure every minute concept is delivered.

For this, students can get free trial of different online platforms like This will help to test the vigilance of any online entry test preparation forum.

Revision Notes

Once you have watched the lecture and comprehend it completely, it is very crucial to revise the lecture for long term memorization. Again, students need to look for this feature as well.

Entry Test-based Questions

Well, everyone knows that practice makes a man perfect. That being the case, it is mandatory to practice thousands of MCQs when it comes to prepare for Medical and Engineering Universities admission tests. If the only platform is not offering practice question, then it is useless to adopt it. The online platforms like offers thousands of MCQs topic-wise to make your concepts crystal-clear.

Progress Tracking

How Online Education Suddenly Became Popular during Corona Pandemic?

No-one can brush-off the importance of progress tracking when it comes to self-paced learning. Basically, online learning demands a schedule of your own and taking care of what you have done and what is left.

When you go for an online platform, it is significant to look for a progress tracking tool so that you might get to know about your pace. In this way, you can easily manage to cover your syllabus as soon as possible.

What will be the future of online learning?

How Online Education Suddenly Became Popular during Corona Pandemic?

While some believe that the unintended and hasty move to online learning – without training, deficient bandwidth, and little preparation – will result in a poor user experience that is unconducive to constant growth, others believe that a new hybrid model of education will develop, with noteworthy benefits.

This era of technology advancement demands every sector of life to be virtual so that there will be no value of boundaries among countries. We need to upgrade ourselves with the emerging technological world.

The Challenges of Online Education

There are, however, challenges in online learning. Some students without consistent internet access and/or technology try to join digital learning; this gap is seen across countries like Pakistan and between income brackets within countries. For example, most of the students in Pakistan belong to remote areas where it is hard to arrange a stable internet connection and mostly, village students do not have even basic knowledge to use computers.

Is learning online as effective?

As an online student, you’ll get in the practice of learning quite independently, which prepares you for the type of learning to be expected in the professional life. Many jobs demand periodic training in an online set-up, along with some self-regulating research to instill new skills or advancements in technology.

With experience in both respects, you can amaze future employers with your aptitude to learn and continue to grow while on the job. Many students find that since they were already in the habit of learning and working, they are better prepared to continue to learn as an employee when they started their jobs.

Moreover, no two students can learn the same way. Personality forms and learning partiality come into play and impact one’s activity and performance levels. The benefit of online education is that it provides a bit distance, allowing every student to fine-tune their preferences. As an online student, you have the freedom to learn from wherever you want.

Unlike traditional classes which demand you to be present at a set place, online learning offers asynchronous lectures, letting you to plan your lessons around your schedule. You can watch lectures, attempt practice exams and study when you’re at your best, whether that’s early in the morning, mid-day or late at night. This makes online education the perfect option for students who value convenience, flexibility, and freedom.

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