Top 6 Educational Resources for Distance Learners

Top 6 Educational Resources for Distance Learners

The world is changing, and the education field is no exception. Millennials are now followed by tech-savvy generation Z. Super tech-savvy, both these new generations have a brilliant grasp over perceiving and processing information flows whenever and wherever.

The world has moved on from the publications and printed magazines into the digital era of smartphones, tablets, e-books, and laptops. 

Millions of people around the world gain knowledge, hunt new professions, and take licensed training courses across the globe with distance learning. 

A number of educational apps, tools, and services have gained rapid popularity because of the growth of distance learning industry. 

In this article, we will talk about 7 educational resources that suit anyone who wants to gain new knowledge, without geographical restrictions.



EdX is a leading portal for international online education. This is a joint non-commercial product of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and the University of California, Berkeley. 

The goal of the edX project is to create an open and free platform for distance education. It grants access to the courses and lectures of the best universities in the world.

Here are the main characteristics of this platform:

  • Content of the highest level;
  • Free training with the possibility of obtaining a certificate at minimum cost;
  • Certified professional courses.


Before proceeding to the list of other platforms where one can find plenty of educational materials, there is the need to mention EssayPro.

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Here one will get:

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Coursera is a unique international distance education platform. One can find courses from the best universities around the world here. 

More than 2,000 online courses from 146 institutions are available on the website. Coursera offers lectures, exercises, discussion forums in such disciplines as physics, mechanical engineering, medicine, biology, mathematics, business, computer science, and many others.

Why should one choose Coursera?

  • It offers a unique selection of high-quality programs;
  • Availability of mobile app;
  • The ability to learn a range of fields, from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, to the Chinese language or Biochemistry;
  • Certified training courses.


Udacity is one of the first educational platforms to offer MOOCs. It was founded in 2011 at Stanford University. This one is the best option for distance learners who want to develop practical skills needed to start a career or change a profession.

Over 160,000 students in more than 190 countries are enrolled in such business, software engineering, digital marketing, web development, and other courses. Also, Udacity offers specialized unique paid programs (duration of each is less than 12 months).

Canvas Network

Canvas Network is a learning management system launched in 2013. It offers more than 400 open online courses designed by over 150 educational institutions and organizations throughout the world.

With Canvas Network, you will get access to information delivered not only by universities but also by leading companies and organizations. 

This platform offers a lot of free and certified training courses for specific disciplines. The most popular ones are mathematics, analytics, aviation, economics, and others.

Versatile Canvas programs are aimed at providing students with both theoretical and practical experience.

iTunes U

Distance learning platform iTunes U offers more than 1 million free lectures, videos, books, and other resources for classes in thousands of academic disciplines from algebra to linguistics. 

Unlike its competitors, iTunes U has such a useful function as making notes to audio and video lectures well as PDF format.

Here are the main reasons why users choose iTunes U:

  • Convenient access from your phone or tablet;
  • Easy intuitive interface;
  • Extremely advanced and diverse courses.


Blackboard is a virtual learning environment and management system that was released in 1997. It is used in many educational institutions, from general education schools (K-12) to higher education entities and professional courses.

This is the list of main characteristics of BlackBoard:

  • Provides content management, communication tools (forums, chats, etc.), tests, surveys, and exams;
  • Access to additional management tools for teachers;
  • Integration with various information systems.


Final Word

The primary mission of distance learning platforms is to connect all those who have real knowledge and those who want to obtain it. 

Anyone can learn anything today. The resources mentioned above provide unique opportunities, so everyone in search of knowledge can choose the right option for themselves.

Do you have the power of a strong will to learn on your own? Then it’s high time to go digital and get to know something completely new!

Rohit Raina
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