‘Heel’ing on Heels

‘Heel’ing on Heels

That sound of cluck -cluck turned everyone’s attention towards its direction.

Hard to miss; it called for notice and so it gained. It majestically awakened the “green eyed monster” with cursory sighs, glances of envy. Trampling them into itsy-bitsy pieces with razor sharp pointed soles, it clucked-clucked its way to glory.

If the word “foot-wear’ crosses your mind, even for flash of second; immediately pick up the “latest copy of Vogue” and seek penance for the sin.

Only then, Thou shalt be forgiven your innocence.

Very much, Carrie-Bradshaw, Victoria Beckham swears by them, Cheryl Cole would prefer going dead without them. Former spice girl was often spotted wearing dangerously high stilettos even with her baby bump, till she suffered a slip-disc.Karishma Kapoor ran effortlessly in those skyscraper heels in Dangerous Ishq like a pro-marathon runner. The way she managed running in them made me wonder what would have been the result, had she participated in Olympics. Gold for nation & international accolades?

Definitely, not for the nicety-nice, stilettos can immediately earn you tag of vixen or siren. Charged with a sexual air around them; they are perfect attention-grabber accessory. The more astronomically high they are, the more is the wiggle & shime in your walk.

Felinity is fine, but does it come with comfort? I choose to answer that concern of yours with a suppressed smirk or better with a philo-statement “Comfort is a state of mind” learned in Chi classes.

To avoid discomfort many women are opting for toe-shortening procedure. If you can’t fit in those, better squeeze in.The number of patients queuing up at Chiropodist’s & Podiatrist‘s clinic for foot narrowing, padding and alike procedures is on rise.

The constant wearing of high heels causes friction and formation of pressure near toes, as they are curled up in a limited space. In spite of such problems, sales tell an altogether different story. One of the prime reasons behind this is the association of “high rise” heels with fashion, glamour and confidence communicated overtly or subtly via bastions of pop culture .Such a created construct leads the women to use them at occasions, originally not intended for its use.

When I brought up this conversation with a friend on a lazy Sunday brunch, she immediately made a parody of it, biting a vanilla crème waffle. She felt, saying Hi to heels is equivalent to saying Hi to an eel (a slippery fish) as the heels give a slippery feel to your locomotion i.e. a wiggle, so behaves the eel when you touch it. The analogy may not be apt but the reasoning behind it is.

Discomfort is rarely marring factor for adorning Blahniks, Vivier’s and Rossi’s.

Vain, it may be but getting in devil’s accessory was never easy.

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