Best Google Doodles Ever

Best Google Doodles Ever

What’s the best thing about Google – that it answers our silliest of queries without laughing them of, and in a ridiculously right manner. What is the second best thing about Google? Umm..I’d say it’s the occasional encounter with myriad concepts and intriguing stories that the otherwise dull and drab ‘search bar’ acquaints us with, in the form of Google Doodles. From Halloween themes to Birthday’s of those who matter, the Doodles celebrate it all in style. Here are the best five of all times:

 Freddie Mercury (2011)

This one easily tops the list. The Doodle celebrated the birthday of Queen’s singer Freddie Mercury in a manner extremely adorable and memorable. The Doodle was also accompanied by a blog by Google, one of the best tributes that have ever come out of Google’s office.

 Little Nemo in Slumberland

Detailed, elaborately, and an extremely adventurous Doodle, “Little Nemo in Slumberland” narrated through images and animated sketches, the story of a boy. Honoring the master draftsman Winsor McCay, it celebrated the 107th anniversary.

Eadweard J Muybridge’s 182nd Birthday

It celebrated creativity in an utterly creative manner. To honor the man behind the concept of galloping horses image, this Doodle was simply marvelous to look at, while a collage of horses galloped on the screen in a mesmerizing harmony.

 Olympics 2012

Awesome! Was the reaction from everyone who explored this Google Doodle. An interactive doodle, it allowed people to score in games like swimming and basket ball, cheering the spirit of Olympics.

Howard Carter’s 138th Birthday

Extraordinary in every sense, this Google Doodle was one of the best ever. It had a certain charismatic effect and would stop you from hitting the search button. You’d sit there Doodling your time away, happily.

Nostalgia, Giddiness, Delight – all packaged in one. Google Doodles triumph on their own profoundly- crazily – originative terms

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