5 Crazy Things to do before you die

5 Crazy Things to do before you die

Enough of living a rudimentary life! Become a poster-child for madness now. Wear your heart on your sleeve, be a soul unchained – do some outrageously crazy things before you die. You can always slag them later- if slag you must:



Attempt a World Record

Why not? Let your name be a tour de force beyond your Facebook wall. Go for the real deal like there is no tomorrow. The record for jumping from greatest height seems to be quite improbable for now, but there is a plethora of other records to be set- swimming in the water crowded with piranhas, singing a song for three straight days – without even taking a pee. Hell, Just take the longest burp ever recorded in history.  I told you, it’s easy?

Live on the Street

Is that taking a little too far? Well, that’s what this list is all about. And living on the street as close to being crazy as you can get. But trust me on this, if you are looking for a new way to look at your life, this might be your magic potion.

Get Rejected by 36 Girls in a Day (Solely for Men)

You must be Leonardo, Brando and Caine – all rolled into one, but believe you me, it’s still easy to get rejected. Just choose one of these pick up lines and not even the ugliest of faces will muster enough valour to have a go with you:

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

Do you want to see something swell?

I have a Pesin that’s just one inch short of a ruler

Just use one of these lines and you will be corkscrewed.

Try Zero Gravity

This one will dig deep into your pockets, but it’s worth it to the last dime spent. Weightlessness is a sensation to experienced. Do not die without feeling dead while you are alive.

Make a Trip to Antarctica

Stand in the middle of nowhere and look around. If ice is all you see, without a single soul roaming – except for the beguilingly fascinating Penguins – you sure are at South Pole.

Dresss Like a Superhero and Do Shit!

Do I really need to *advice* you on that? Just gear up and go bonkers!

Honourable Mentions: Have sex at the craziest (at least unconventional) of places. At a cliff top, in your boss’ cabin (considering he often comes late), a quite lane in the middle of the street.

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