Why You Need a Holster

Why You Need a Holster

Holsters are crucial. There is nothing as dangerous as carrying a loaded firearm in your waistband. So if you want to stay safe, you need something to contain your gun. Holsters are the go-to choice because they protect your weapon and everyone else. 

Unfortunately, many people watch movies and think they can be like the main characters who never use holsters. This results in a lot of people sticking their guns in their waistbands. Here are some reasons why holsters are the better alternative to this practice. 

Cover the Trigger Guard

Covering the trigger guard is the primary reason holsters are necessary. Think of your trigger as a magnet. After all, when you hand someone a gun, the first thing they will likely do is stick their finger in the trigger guard. On top of that, there are plenty of things that can fit inside and cause your gun to go off. With an unloaded weapon, play around inside your home and see what objects you can use to get your gun to go off. This will show you how easy it is for your trigger to snag on something. Therefore, you need a holster to keep the trigger guard covered. 

Keep Your Gun Stable

Firearm retention is another big reason to use a holster. If you stick a gun in your waistband, chances are it will fall. With an unloaded firearm, try placing your gun in your waistband and running. You’re going to end up with it sliding down your leg. Therefore, holsters are necessary to stabilize your gun. 

Prevent Regularly Loading and Unloading

You are never more vulnerable than when you need to unload or load your weapon. The less you do this, the better. When you get home and don’t have a holster, you need to unload your weapon. However, holsters allow you to store your gun while it is loaded, decreasing the number of times you are vulnerable. 

Boost Comfort

Trying to conceal carry without a holster is uncomfortable. However, high-quality brands, such as Desantis holsters, can make it much more comfortable to conceal carry. This is because they are designed to distribute your firearm’s weight properly. Additionally, they put a barrier between the cold metal of your weapon and your skin. This prevents chaffing and limits discomfort. 

There are plenty of reasons why you must use a holster. Most people note these as the most important. You can find a wide variety of brands and styles that fit these needs. Whichever you pick out, you must have a holster. They are critical as far as everyone’s safety goes.

Christie Lewis
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