Tips To Dress Your Girl In Cute Footwear

Tips To Dress Your Girl In Cute Footwear

One of the most beautiful moments of parenting is dressing up with your kids. Especially when you have a girl, the joy of dressing up increases manifolds. One gets more confused in the kids’ section because of the patterns, colours, accessories and multiple choices available. Everything looks like it came out of a kids storybook of fairy tales, so pretty and fashionable, including sandals for girls.

You will agree that styling does not complete until you have a perfect pair of footwear to wear with your dress. Then how can we forget to put emphasis on sandals for girls? The days are gone when kids used to wear borrowed clothes from their elder siblings.

The fashion and trends keep changing and all the kids want to be in fashion. Now, there are so many options available to dress your girl in beautiful dresses, accessories and sandals.

Let’s look at some tips to dress your girl in cute sandals.


Earlier flip-flops were associated with home wear. But nowadays, the trend has completely changed. Flip-flops have undergone a fashionable transformation with frills, beautiful embellishments and quirky colours.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about comfort, weight and durability. Most pairs of flip-flops go well with cute everyday dresses and casual tops and shorts. Therefore, you must have at least two to three pairs of flip-flops for your little girl apart from standard sandals for girls.

Comfortable Bellies

Bellies never go out of fashion, be it for girls or women. These sandals for girls are essential for every dress or occasion. They come in different styles, patterns and colours.

From pastel hues to shimmery golden, your little princess will be happy wearing them with her cute frill dresses and skirts. Buy one that goes well with casual outings and one for special occasions such as birthday parties or social gatherings.


Who said sneakers are only for boys? Sneakers are gender-neutral and unconsciously take a step towards dismantling society’s gender norms.

However, you will find cute colours and patterns in sneakers as well, such as Disney princesses, cartoons etc. Moreover, they are a good option for winters for your girl.

They go well with cute dresses as well as a pair of jeans and a jacket. Hence, a pair of sneakers is a must-have for your girl’s shoe collection.

Sandals With Straps

Another one of the favourite fashion trends that is popular amongst girls and women alike is strappy sandals. Due to their style, many girls want them in their closet.

They go well with long flowy princess dresses and even with short skirts. You will find them in various materials such as velvet or leather.

Go for the one that is comfortable for your kid. These sandals for girls are a style statement in themselves.

Wrapping Up

Dressing your girl may be an overwhelming task with so many options available in the market. Hopefully, this brief guide will be helpful in choosing the right pair of footwear for your kids on your next shopping session with her.

Remember to choose sandals for girls that are comfortable and stylish as well.

Rohit Raina
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