Classic Footwear Styles that you can never go wrong with!

Classic Footwear Styles that you can never go wrong with!

Footwear styles for girl’s shoes keep changing with time, but some trends never go out of style. Of course, as a parent, you want your kid to have the best comfort but let us not forget styling. It is crucial to buy the correct type of girls shoes in the right size so it can help us later to pair them for any outfit. Here is a list of footwear styles every parent must know so they can style their kid’s outfit seamlessly. 

Dazzled Ballerinas:  Ballerinas have always been the classic footwear option. Along with the ease to wear, these flat and covered shoes give the child added protection. Many parents choose the ballerinas because they are usually the most comfortable, but to get the best out of your investment, we would suggest going for the fancy options in this type of footwear. There are many options for you to choose from with different colours, designs, materials, and cute little jibbitz added on top. These types of footwear will indeed become your child’s favourite, and they will want to wear them everywhere. 

Golden and Silver Sandals: Everyone has their own opinion about these types of shiny sandals, but we personally love to see the tiny little feet styled with these cute sandals. They are the perfect party wear and look great with any outfit. These gleaming and elegant girls shoes are the ideal choice for traditional Indian looks and are loved by all. You must consider them as wardrobe staples and buy at least one pair for your child. 

Floaters With Printed Socks:  Floaters are the most casual and sturdy girl’s shoes for toddlers who keep running around. They come with double straps to ensure safety and grip for the child’s feet. But style-wise, they look very basic and to balance it out, you can try wearing the cute printed socks underneath them. The socks keep them warm and protect their skin, at the same time, they also add a funky touch to the whole look.

Casual Sneakers: The sneakers have a casual yet sporty touch to the girls shoes and go well with any casual outfit. They are known to be the perfect street style footwear that can easily be worn with any trendy clothing option. Investing in sneakers is the right choice as they never really go out of style. And your kids will also love them. 

Block Heel Sandals: Many parents do not consider having heels on their child’s footwear. But the block heels are the safest option. You do not have to worry about a child tripping and falling as the straps of sandals keep them safe and secured. These girls shoes are made for kids above 5 years so they can maintain their balance while wearing them. 

So when next time you step out to buy shoes for your little one, then remember this list and get one of them to make your little princess happy. 

Christie Lewis
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