The Technology Restaurant Employees Love 

The Technology Restaurant Employees Love 

Restaurant kitchens are always a bustling and hectic place, never more so than during the Christmas season. The holidays are a time for people to have intimate moments with loved ones, but restaurant employees need to negotiate family time with their work obligations. 

Now, employees in restaurants across North America love how modern, technological solutions like employee scheduling software keep everything in the kitchen running smoothly. It’s a powerful tool, so let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Schedules Everyone Loves, Faster and Easier

Creating a work schedule can be a time consuming and frustrating task. Having the aid of a mobile restaurant scheduling app that can make this process 80% faster is a huge convenience, and it also produces a better schedule.

Employee scheduling software allows staff to manually submit their work availability, so the schedules it creates responds with flexibility to their needs. Then it uses automation to sort out everything else, to maximize for speed.

Your staff will love being spared this annoying and mundane job, but your restaurant will also love having its labor costs reduced by up to 3%. Your restaurant kitchen will effortlessly run on track with this technology, even during the frenetic Christmas holidays.

Keep All Staff Connected Effortlessly

Modern communication devices utilize technology more powerfully than was even imaginable just years ago, connecting people around the world face to face. But for restaurants, the essential thing for communication is that it works effectively and easily, and also saves employees’ time.

Even if the busy holiday season throws your restaurant a curve ball and you need to quickly find someone to cover a shift, managers can easily group message the team and let them know a substitute is required. Each employee will see the message because they get an email notification alerting them to the text, and whoever is free to take the shift can let everyone know. 

This way, the restaurant has all its staffing needs met easily, even when adjustment on the fly is required. 

Feedback and Big Data

Employee scheduling software allows staff to feel connected to their job because it gives them a voice: after each shift, employees are prompted to rate the shift and describe in their own words how they think it went. If they are having an issue at work, it can be raised discreetly. 

This also allows restaurant managers to stay on top of issues before they snowball into problems. Between the perspective of frontline workers and the enterprise-level data managers see — a wide array of statistics presented clearly underlying the total economic health of your restaurant — employee scheduling software lets managers know everything about their business. 

Restaurants are often teeming with activity, and there are modern solutions to keep things calm and organized, even during the bustle of Christmas. This holiday season, get employee scheduling software to keep your restaurant firing on all cylinders and make the lives of your employees smoother.

Rohit Raina
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