The 4 Things To Do In Santa Monica, California

The 4 Things To Do In Santa Monica, California

You may have had plans to take a vacation abroad to someplace like Hamburg Germany or Rome Italy, but the pandemic has other plans for you. With international travel being limited for the time being it is the perfect opportunity to explore your own backyard. 

If you are looking for someplace quirky and interesting, a trip to Santa Monica in the northern section of LA in California could be just the ticket. There is a lot to do there and the weather is great pretty much all year round. In this article, we will go over several of the fun things you can do if you stay downtown or in one of the hotels near Santa Monica Beach.

1 – Santa Monica Beach

Although lots of people go to the beach in Santa Monica, it rarely feels crowded. The beach itself is 3.5 miles long so there is plenty of room to spread out. Not only that but there is the boardwalk and pier to occupy a lot of people so there is a lot of coming and going by the crowd so you never feel cornered or on top of people. There is plenty of room to spread out. 

In fact, there is also plenty of space to go fishing there if the idea of sunbathing sounds too passive or boring.

Once you have had enough of the sand and sea, you can go for a walk along the boardwalk and grab an ice cream to go. There is the famous pier there and the original Muscle Beach where you can watch the guys and ladies working out and showing off their strength for the crowd. 

2 – Heal the Bay Aquarium

Get educated and entertained at the same time at the small aquarium at beach level underneath the famous carousel on the pier. This is a cozy aquarium that has lots of interactive exhibits for kids and adults alike. The proceeds go toward clean water initiatives for the city to keep the area sustainable. 

3 – Surfing and paddleboarding

If you have never surfed or paddle boarded before then this is the ideal time to give it a shot. The area is excellent for watersports and there are many spots where you can rent gear and even get some lessons to learn how to ride the waves

The surfing area is very accessible so it is a good spot for beginners making their first venture into Southern California culture. 

4 – Pacific Park

The pier at Santa Monica is much bigger than you imagine it to be. So big, in fact, that there is an amusement park complete with a roller coaster on the pier. There is a very large mini-golf course which is the biggest one that is situated over water. 

The iconic Ferris wheel is also located at the end of the pier in the park and is the ideal spot to get a beautiful view of the California coast. 

Christie Lewis
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