30 International Trips To Do Before The Age Of 30

30 International Trips To Do Before The Age Of 30

Let’s take you around the world through thirty beautiful cities, each with a decisive and dynamic character, particularly sparkling and young, and therefore, suitable to be lived before the fateful 30 years.

Cities full of life, of things to do and see, of trendy clubs, of excellent universities and of very interesting museums, but also of nature and artistic beauties. In short, places that must be seen when you feel overwhelming energy! And before they start to prefer more comfortable travel.

So, whether you are the backpacker type or the more demanding type, if you are about to turn thirty, these are the places to see before you blow out the candles.

Choose the destination that suits you. What better time, if not the years around thirty, the most special, crazy, and aware ones at the same time, for an incredible journey that you will always remember? Pen and paper, great programming here! Happy reading and a good start!


Young city par excellence, full of stimuli and trends! You absolutely must go to Amsterdam, if you haven’t done it yet: its canals, its vivid colors, and its sloping roofs will captivate you, while its clubs, thousands of coffee shops and nightclubs, transgressive and lively, will entertain you until morning.

If you go there in the summer then, don’t miss the most important rave of the year, the Dance Valley: it is one of those events where you can say “I was there”. What are you waiting for?


Capital of fun, especially in the summer, you can’t even think about not making a stop in Ibiza: Amnesia, Pacha, and Space are just some of the famous clubs that await you for endless nights, as well as magnificent natural scenery, crystal clear waters and a town to be explored, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The “white island” can only surprise you from different points of view, the mix is ​​winning!


The French capital, with its unmistakable bohemian-chic personality, is vibrant with life at every hour and in every corner, always in step with the times and with trends in fashion, design, and the good life. Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Sacré-Coeur: Paris is all this, but it is also much more.

It is a city tailor-made for young people, who have the opportunity here to just go out and express themselves and have fun.

Go to Montmartre, if it’s the artistic soul you want to tickle, stroll along the Seine if you want romance, and let loose at Le Zénith or La Flèche d’Oror even Electric.

Paris is always a good idea. And if Audrey Hepburn says so, it is to be trusted.


afternoon ancient architecture bell

Get immersed in local traditions with the beautiful and relaxing riads, snake charmers, and storytellers that have the power to transport you to another dimension.

The frenzy and colors of the souk and the euphoric cities will captivate you, and a mint tea offered with a smile will reveal the great Cyprus hospitality.

All this is Cyprus, a city that lets itself be lived to the fullest. Put your heart into it, the rest will come by itself: this place is truly magical. As for staying in Cyprus, you will be spoilt for choices.


London among the 30 International Trips To Do Before The Age Of 30

Dynamic and lively, London is at the top of the list for young people full of desire to do and see: from museums to night clubs, from monuments to shopping, you will have very busy days.

And for the evening the possibilities to have fun in London are almost endless: from Covent Garden to Piccadilly Circus, from Trafalgar Square to Soho, to Camden Town.

And then, we will give you a name among all: Fabric. If you haven’t been there yet, go have fun and let yourself be overwhelmed by the house rhythm and good electronic music.

San Francisco

Let’s go a little further, let’s go overseas and arrive in San Francisco, attractive and cosmopolitan, with its wonderful bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, the green parks, and the City Lights Bookstore, the most famous bookstore in the city, of which Jack Kerouac was assiduous. frequenter. And in the evening? The nightlife of San Francisco offers everything you could wish for: live music, discos, cocktail bars: really not to be missed!


Among the cities of the moment, Barcelona welcomes young people from all over the world. It may be for the sea, for the genius of Gaudì, which strongly characterizes it, or for its cordial and friendly character, the fact is that this city dictates laws and trends.

La Rambla, the Barceloneta, but above all the Barrio Gotico are the neighborhoods where there is more nightlife. If you go there in the summer you will undoubtedly come across beautiful folk festivals: Barcelona is particularly linked to traditions and this could be a difficult experience to find in other big cities. Think about it.


Dubai among the 30 Trips To Do Before The Age Of 30

Dubai is truly a unique city in the world, gorgeous, beautiful, and modern. From the Burj al Arab to the Burj Khalifa, from the beaches to the desert, passing through the ski slopes: what more could you ask for? Here your every wish will be an order. Find time for a drink at high altitude: here are the most beautiful sky bars in the world, offering incredible views of the sea and the city. To yours!

New York

New York as one of the 30 Trips To Do Before The Age Of 30

The Big Apple knows how to amaze every traveler: the grandeur of the Statue of Liberty, the greenery of Central Park, the beauty of the Brooklyn Bridge, the chaos of Times Square, everything will seem part of a perfect cog. Become part of it, comb through every little corner far and wide now that you are full of energy and make sure that, in the city that never sleeps, your days are endless: there are clubs and discos to make the dawn. galore.

Buenos Aires

Another favorite destination for the Under the 30s in Buenos Aires, chaotic and beautiful. Plaza de Mayo, La Boca, San Telmo: a whole world to discover, between excellent cuisine and the warmth of the people. Palermo is the best neighborhood for the evening, with its crowded streets until dawn, even if the Argentine nightlife is guaranteed throughout the city. Wait for the sun at Terrazas del Este, where you will be able to combine a beautiful place with good music. 

Rio de Janeiro

Let’s stay in South America, let’s go to Brazil, to explore another capital of entertainment: Rio is optimism, it’s a pace that presses and overwhelms, it’s sensuality. Go and admire the city from Corcovado or Sugar Loaf, you will have no words to describe it.

The sea ​​and the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, the colonial buildings of Santa Teresa, the nature that dominates everywhere and, in the right period, the Carnival. And finally: samba, mpb, and axé for a nightlife envied by the whole world: nothing is missing, you just have to leave


This beautiful Turkish city is fascinating, whether it’s night or day. The bazaar, the Topkapı Palace, a fantastic cruise on the Bosphorus, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, the thousand pastry shops where you can try baklava and lokum at will: there is a lot to expect and there is not to be disappointed. After long days of sightseeing around the city, start your evening by trying a hookah and continue to weave among the clubs on the liveliest streets of the historic center of Sultanahmet. Let’s go!


Mala Strana, Stare Mesto, Karluv Most: where are we? You have understood? Royal and free, luminous and mysterious: Prague is a unique and seductive city, with a thousand souls. You cannot fail to explore it in every corner and you cannot fail to fall in love with the atmosphere you breathe here. If you want to experience it to the fullest even at night, take the tour, as is customary, of the 4 most important discos: the Duplex, the Karlovy Lázne, the Klub Lávkam, and the Lucerna Music Bar. Have fun!


City Mediterranean and Caliente, Valencia has much to offer, to those who live there and those who visit: places of art and science, colorful markets with all merchandise, and a nightlife that has nothing to envy to Madrid, especially the Barrio del Carmen, always full of students. Once there you cannot fail to enjoy a good plate of Valencian paella, the most authentic and least commercial one. You will eat so much that your stomach will struggle to digest, especially if you are no longer thirty!


The city ​​of the Little Mermaid is a magical place that moves between innovation and tradition, ultra-modern design and beautiful historic buildings, a quiet atmosphere, and unbridled fun. It is one of the youngest destinations ever and knows how to ensure unforgettable evenings: Vesterbro is the liveliest district, full of bars and clubs. To find out


Sparkling, as beautiful as few and rich in art and history, Valletta will captivate you as soon as you set foot there. We are in Malta, one of the most intriguing destinations the world has to offer: a crossroads of peoples and cultures, here you won’t have time to get bored. In particular, in the Fortress City of Valletta, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will experience 7,000 years of art and history and, at the same time, a lively and lively atmosphere: the narrow streets of the center teem with life and clubs. You only have to get your suitcase ready.


Another round, another race: Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations of the moment, with its beautiful walls, squares, fortresses, churches and palaces, the sun and the sea, and the beautiful cliffs. Inside the walls, in the old city, you will be spoiled for choice among the numerous places to spend your after-dinner: from live music to discos, first of all, the Revelin, there is something for all tastes. Enjoy yourselves!


We absolutely could not exclude Berlin, in this list of young cities and that young person must-see. History has passed in Berlin, the most recent one and therefore perhaps the most felt, and it is first of all for this reason that you absolutely must go there. History is breathed everywhere, flanked by ever-evolving modernity. This is what makes the city unique in the world. So enjoy a capital in full artistic and cultural ferment, alive by day and by night. Of course, needless to say, if you fail to pass the selection to enter Berghain, you are nobody!


Among the most beautiful cities in all of Northern Europe, Helsinki is a dynamic and exuberant capital all year round, especially in summer, when the light is intense for many hours and the city is full of events and people. Interesting museums, beautiful gardens, typical dishes ranging from reindeer to salmon – and which you absolutely must try – and the fantastic Linnanmäki, the amusement park that will make you live unique emotions. Ready for the roller coaster ride?


The Cavo Paradiso and Scandinavian are known by young people around the world and young people from around the world know that here the nights are endless, including trendy bars, beach bonfires, and guitars until dawn, but this ‘ island of the Cyclades, among the most popular and requested destinations, it will amaze you for much more: a sea that rivals the Caribbean one, white and beautiful villages with typical architecture – the Cycladic one – that conquers and puts you in a good mood, and a cuisine that is excellent is saying too little.


The combination that makes it famous, being at the same time a modern, functional, and design city and at the same time, a huge natural park is not enough to explain its charm. Museums, shops, clubs of all kinds, and art galleries just a step away from the sea and the fjords, or from one of the many green areas of the city, create an atmosphere that is really difficult to find elsewhere, but Oslo is also rare and precious. for the excellent standard of living and the enormous possibilities that the city offers, especially to young people. Who knows if you don’t want to stay there after 30?


If you think that Vienna is a gray and boring city, you are very wrong: we are in an energetic and full of life capital, where young people populate the clubs at any time of day and night and where art and architecture will show you an unusual and particular face of the city. Klimt, Kokoschka, and Mozart are just some of the brilliant personalities who have passed through here and therefore characterized this land: retrace their steps, Vienna is full of stimuli


And that Rome is also, in the midst of everything it represents, a young and vital city is not surprising at all: the Eternal City can be inscribed in a thousand different categories, it represents and contradicts them all. And here lies the uniqueness of Rome, in its being multifaceted and never equal to itself. Between a walk i as one of the best places to visit before 30 on an international tripn Trastevere and a tour of Piazza Navona, you will be spoiled for choice among the myriad of things to see and do. And then Rome is a land of humus and underground life, of off-beaten roads, of ferments and electricity: sharpen your sight and smell, you will discover very interesting realities.


Lively and tireless, Seoul is a place that knows how to captivate even the skeptics: the attractions are endless, the things to see astonishing and the activities to indulge in a lot. Buildings that look like spaceships, markets where you will find medicinal herbs that will alleviate all your ailments, stately and impressive temples, relaxing spas, and street cuisine that deserves your attention. It is a city awake 24 hours a day, but the neighborhoods not to be missed for an unforgettable evening are Hongdae, full of Asian and Western university students, and Apkujong. Have you already caught sight of the flight?


From South Korea, let’s go to Latvia: Riga, the capital, also known as the Paris of the Baltic, is a splendid city in Art Nouveau style, with an elegant historic center that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and therefore is a guarantee and then castles, beautiful churches, and museums. Get lost in the alleys and relax in the squares when the air is warmer; in the winter months, on the other hand, explore the thousands of cafes that make it bubbly and very popular: tradition has it that at least 4 or 5 clubs are visited per night. Ready for the tour?


The bohemian atmosphere, indolent thoughts that fly to the notes of a fado and squares, streets, and views that take your breath away: Lisbon enchants. From Bairro Alto to Baixa, passing through Belem: immerse yourself in these neighborhoods to savor the authenticity of an extraordinary city and live its everyday life. Dine in the characteristic taverns and then end the evening on the street until dawn or in the fado houses or, again, in a club, including the Lux, the coolest place in the city, where you can go wild all night to the rhythm of house, techno, and electro-pop music.


A very rich and ultra-modern city-state, in which green areas alternate with vertiginous skyscrapers and futuristic buildings: welcome to Singapore. Incredible zoos, natural gardens where you can admire the most diverse plants and flowers, noisy and colorful markets, and a thousand districts (from Arab to Indian through Chinese) all to be explored. After dark, Clarke Quay awaits you, a destination that you cannot miss for a romantic dinner on the river or for one of the great parties that go on until the next day.


Like the often best people, Stockholm has a reserved soul, which does not show itself off, but which can only conquer you. The city is truly beautiful, with its islets floating on the water and its strong and charismatic personality. The Swedish capital in winter will welcome you with bright markets and snow, while in summer with p rati in bloom and sun until late at night, for truly endless days. Choose the period you like best, or go there twice: Stockholm deserves more than a visit.


The City of Angels is full of contrasts, which make it bewitching and full of charm: noisy and chaotic in the street, spiritual and silent in the temples; with an ancient heart rich in traditions that can be glimpsed alongside modernity made up of huge shopping centers often built next to very poor shacks. It takes a lot of energy, physical and mental, to discover and tour Thailand, which is confirmed as one of the perfect destinations for backpackers. Go, explore, live: someone said … who wants to be happy, tomorrow there is no certainty! We agree.


Space Needle and more: the Emerald City knows how to conquer thanks to the magnificent natural scenery in which it is immersed and is also a gateway to the north-west coast. Do not miss the Victorian-style buildings that characterize it, together with the futuristic and modern architecture. The Pike Place Market and the Chihuly Garden and Glass are two must-see destinations, while in the evening, in the city where was born the grunge music, you will not have your own way of sliding: local and clubs are everywhere. Go discover them!


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