Spiritual Life Coaching – The Benefits of Looking After Your Physical Body

Spiritual Life Coaching – The Benefits of Looking After Your Physical Body

The core of your physical body, as with all physical beings, responds to the thoughts of your Higher Self. Part of whatever you are going through right now comes from your view of self, where your beliefs and patterns, which manifest as habits, whether disbelief, fear, or unpleasant circumstances & events in your life, are based. These beliefs and patterns also manifest as a habit of thought about your place in the scheme of things.

What are your core beliefs?

These core beliefs and patterns exist at a subconscious level, below even your awareness, and above even your conscious mind (which has the role and authority with which to challenge them). 

The life coach can only go so far as to help you unearth and understand these core beliefs and patterns, and thereby bring about the necessary correction within your subconscious mind. Only the owner of the subconscious knows the contents of the subconscious as one who can tell us everything about our life.

So how does a spiritual life coach know what to do to help you? 

They can start with the question, “What is the body returning for?” Whatever the past programming of your subconscious mind is, it is always activating habitual patterns of thought & behaviors.

These logic and emotion controlling habitual thoughts, from the mind and physical being realm, are based on your childhood programming, parental, societal and religious beliefs and attitudes. So you are ‘reprogramming’ yourself by the action of your subconscious mind. 

The most challenging part to the life coach is to inquire into the past, and then through this questioning and exploration of the wounded past to determine the core issues behind the problems, and then to assist the client to change the belief or emotional pattern that originates from these earlier emotional charges.

One well recognized and widely used method, at the foundation of many alternative wellness practices, is the use of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 

EFT assists the client in removing the force of the subconscious mind from the present experience. This allows the subconscious to perceive itself in a different light. It can be restored to your Higher Self in the same old way it was after a life coach assisted you in the exploration and transformation of your past life.

The Life Coach can assist you, an individual, on your path to change of perception and identification with the mind-body connection and acknowledge the illusions of the ego personality. The Change of Self can occur in the mind and in your body as the individual Life enters a new identity.

As individuals look into themselves (in the spirit – without movement), they invoke a change of perception, integrity, reality, and emotional connection with their Higher Self. 

As the client through EFT goes through the various layers of conditioning, the old pattern is released as does the emotion that arises because of the past. Sometimes the emotion is merELY released, as though the particular event was an isolated occurrence, but this is not the case. This emotion is always present within the person, even though the mind and body are now free of the emotional charge. In the process of the Life/Coaching process, which is the only real way to go, one greatly helps the client master the most significant factor in the ego personality. Surely it is not easy removing the emotional charge of my entire self.

The result of the life coaching process is to help the individual carry out their destiny. 

To help your child to discover and walk upon their relevance to the interpretation of life for their presence here on the earth. To help the individual come to the resolve of owning what they have energetically planted within themselves and their longing to move out from the victim conditioning and testing know-it-egocentrism, regardless of the most prevalent state of human condition.

One of the most important issues of an individual’s life is their identification with ego identification and their identification with the body and the body’s egotistical needs. Change of perception of self, self identity, and self (a deeply held continuation of the childhood conditioning)takes time. It does not just happen overnight. 

However, the signs of a rapidly changing and evolving primary self can be seen in the person’s expression of energy and general demeanor. A clue to impatience, fear, insecurity, or always looking for something or someone to take responsibility for is seen in the person’s continued need of outside approval.

Events and psychological cycles are Beginnings. 

Beginning of spiritual truths, life coaching, and person (i.e. ego) identification and individual identity are based on a connection between the self and its Higher Self and not the self in the most narrow way possible.

Another way to contribute to your own physical and spiritual wellbeing is through yoga exercises. This provides physical and mental clarity to your higher self. In turn allowing your physical body to be looked after and your mental health to gain clarity.

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