Out In the Open: Why It’s Good to Talk About Your Sexual Health

Out In the Open: Why It’s Good to Talk About Your Sexual Health

Many people do not understand that sexual health is connected to your physical, social, and mental well-being, and it is vital that everyone feels safe to discuss sexual relationships and their sexuality. This not only allows a person to feel good about themselves but also provides the tools and knowledge needed to practice safe sex with others. Below is a closer look at sexual health and the reasons it is a good idea to keep an open dialogue regarding it.

What is Sexual Health

Your sexual health is a large part of being a human, and sexuality is not an easy subject to understand, as many people struggle with it. Love, affection, and intimacy are parts of a healthy relationship you have with others and impact your overall well-being. Aside from that, illnesses, emotions, and consequences can affect sexual health in a negative way. Because of this, being open to discussing sex is highly encouraged.

A Surgical Procedure to Correct an Issue Women May Experience

A surgical procedure, known as Labiaplasty, is performed to correct any stretching or enlargement of the labia. These issues concerning the labia can cause pain during regular exercise, horseback riding, riding a bike, embarrassment when wearing a bathing suit, and discomfort during sex. Fortunately, these problems can be corrected by having the surgery done. This will restore a woman’s daily activities, her self-esteem, and her sexuality.

Issues That Affect Sexual Health

As stated above, sexual health encompasses many areas in a person’s life, including disorders. Sexually transmitted diseases, infertility problems, reproductive system disorders, sexual dysfunction, and urinary system issues are all disorders associated with a person’s sexual health. Many people have a difficult time talking about their sexual health and choose not to do so. This makes it harder to understand someone, especially if you are in a relationship with them. Opening up to your partner about various issues you experience is highly advised.

Talking to Kids Empowers Them Regarding Their Sexuality

Parents may not think that talking to their kids about sex is easy, but it is necessary. It is never too early to speak to them about age-appropriate issues they may face. Through talking to them, you will empower them to stay healthy and to make the right decisions as they get older. Always listen to your child, regardless of whether you agree with what they are saying. Be a supportive parent so your child feels comfortable talking to you regarding any issue they may face.

Help Children Understand Their Sexuality

More and more children are opening up about their sexuality and sexual preferences. Many parents provide excellent support throughout it all, while many others do not. Parents that do not support their children end up hurting them emotionally, allowing them to suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression. Parents that assist their children in finding their sexual identity continue to have an excellent relationship with their children, as well as teaching them to make positive decisions as they get older and start to identify themselves in one way or another.

The topic of sex is difficult for adults, not to mention younger adults. However, maintaining an open dialogue with your partner and kids is the best advice anyone can give you. Be open about issues that concern you and work together to find a solution.

Christie Lewis
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