3 Self-Motivation Mantras That Might Turn You into a Loser

3 Self-Motivation Mantras That Might Turn You into a Loser
Courtesy: Thomas Leuthard

The hyperkinetic you has been calmed down to a fairly good extent. All the things that used to used to pin yo to submission have been turned to ground by your resolve and the new-found self-motivation mantras.

You have got yourself some new dimensions to see your life from. so far so good, but have you been having an overdose of these self-motivations? Are you turning into a failure who just won’t admit he has failed? Well, acknowledgement is the first step towards learning, so to speak.

Now if that has put you in a bit of quandary. look for these signs to know if your self-motivation mantras are instead turning you into a loser:

I am God-Gifted” Takes Away the Motivation to Work Harder

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Courtesy: Thomas Leuthard

There are souls who are too lethargic to even consider the possibility that putting an ounce of extra effort might just double up their productivity. Or, their “natural abilities” simply eliminate the need to indulge themselves in some seat-soaked exercise of putting things in order, just because they are naturally gifted.

It’s great to have self-confidence

At least, that’s what my fifth grade teacher told the whole class. And those cartoons on Disney, they show it all the time. I mean, Bruce Wayne managed to come out of a hole in Dark Knight Rises that no one ever did before because he truly believed that for Batman, nothing is impossible. That’s the staple kids grow on and it’s not that unhealthy either. But all is not entertainment and humor.


Filling yourself up dangerously with self-confidence so that it gets spilled over can be poisonous, particularly when you hoist that self-confidence on your “natural abilities”. You can’t find your way out of problems by simply having the confidence to do so, it still is a hard-worked exercise.

Your natural abilities can only take you so far. At the end of it, the hard-worked stratagem is what will pull you out of the snug pigeon hole you got yourself into.

Always Being There for the Needful Means You are Never Busy

Your friends recite homilies how they don’t have to go by the clock while ringing you up whenever they find themselves in a mess. You are their 4am friend (a hideous sobriquet anyways) and they can bank on you with all the problems of their love life/family life/ office life/ mambo jambo life. How awwwdorable!


That’s not great a thing. You might be a guy with savage sincerity, but if you are a 4 am friend to everybody in town, there is nothing more to you than fluff. Distraction, as the science proves, mars our productivity by several notches.

And when you are in the middle of something – be it helping the needful or in your own task – the interruptions that come along are poised to make your job harder.

If in spite of all of this, you manage to put up a welcoming smile to whosoever approaches you, you are obviously doing everything half-heartedly. Arguably, there is no method to how you go about performing your friendly duties and end up screwing your screwed up friends even more.

Resorting to Internet for Every Bit of News and Knowledge

Internet is no longer a turf where kids either went to complete their school assignments, or have some sinful fun with porn. On this date, folks who often have their ears and eyes to the ground and don’t find time to watch news or read papers can resort to web to get a little hang of whatever is happening around the world/town.


Things become dangerously wrong when in your quest to form an opinion, you end up mis-forming it – something that can be owed to the fact that you are reading too much of those opinioned blogs by pseudo-intellects and self-proclaimed political/sports/movie gurus.

What you usually find at such places is a lot of fluff, which only lies there on the Internet for souls like you who keenly share it on their Facebook pages just to flaunt how radically you think from the intellectually inferior herd around you.

You do show plenty of promise if some injustice happening around you gets you aggressively active on Facebook, and makes you posting your ire against the miscreants.

However, if that ire refuses to bounce off the Facebook walls and onto the streets or at places where it could have led to a palatable impact, it’s better you keep shut.

Don’t let some abysmal souls with good writing skills leak out their abysmal opinions towards you. It’s great you follow someone inspirational, but, not all ‘influence’ is good.

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