Missing Out on Family Outings? Embark on a Virtual Adventure with Online Escape Rooms!

Missing Out on Family Outings? Embark on a Virtual Adventure with Online Escape Rooms!

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a notablemomentous change in our daily lifestyles. Parents have evolved from, “Stop staring at your phone screen all the time!” to “Attend your online classes!” Filmophiles have evolved from, “Let’s go for that movie tonight!” to “Netflix and chill!” BTS fandoms have paid to attend live-stream concerts as the concert tours have been cancelled. Epicures make restaurant-themed food at home by watching Youtube cooking tutorials. Even Disneyland enthusiasts have their very own virtual Disneyland tour!

With the new norms of social distancing and quarantine, virtual events have become a new trend in event entertainment. Families have resorted to their phones and laptops for their daily leisure, apart from work. Family outings have come to a standstill. With all the ‘evolvement’ taking place, escape room centres have decided to step forward as well. They have now introduced online escape rooms! Are you skeptical about how this works? Here we have compiled some information on what virtual escape rooms are and how they will bring enjoyment to your family, in the comforts of your home.

How do they work?

Up till last year, when the world worked mostly offline, escape room lovers visited escape room brands with their friends, family, and colleagues. They picked their preferred escape room theme and made their way through by solving puzzles and riddles. If your family is an escape room lover or even if you are an amateur, these virtual escape games will pique your interest.

After you ring up your favorite virtual escape room brand, you can book a room or story that your family will like. The considerate staff will send you a link in your preferred video conference app that you can send to your family. 

When the game begins, your ‘game guide’ will give you a detailed address on the storyline and rules of the game you choose. He takes your place and enters the room. You will be able to see them through a live camera feed and you can navigate him around to search particular regions of the room. It will feel like you are present in the room, the only difference being the screen between you and the game guide.

Another format of virtual escape rooms is digital clues and riddles. With each riddle that you solve, you are exposed to a new plot or section of the game until you figure it all out and escape!

As long as you have a decently functioning laptop or a smartphone in your pocket, you are good to go! Hurry and book your first virtual escape room! 

Popular Virtual Escape Rooms to try!

1. Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

If your family includes kids and teens, ‘Potterheads,’ to be specific, this is the perfect game for an engaging adventure. Created by a librarian in Pennsylvania, this game will offer you a glimpse into the world of witchcraft and all things magical. Based on the well-known book ‘Harry Potter’ written by J. K. Rowling, you will go through a series of compelling puzzles and questions about the story. The room is designed by individuals who made this purely for enjoyment. They do not accept any fee of any sort, so this means you have got yourself a mystic adventure that is completely free!

2. The Grim Escape

Another popular game created by the brand Puzzle Break is The Grim Escape. The story revolves around a witch who cursed an enchanted forest. Now it’s up to you and your teammates to escape the malignant spells she casts. Bring out your wizardly senses and break the curse before the time runs out! The fee being $25 per person, this game is a perfect way to spend some quality family time!


With the pandemic throwing your plans for a loop, online escape games come as a much needed departure from the restricting lifestyles and leaden routines. The ability to indulge in a fun and adventurous group activity has almost become a past memory and virtual escape games give you just that! No matter whether you’re looking for a light-hearted adventure to take a breather from your work, or a gripping challenge to get an adrenaline rush, online escape rooms come through.

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