What are the job opportunities as a clinical nutritionist in India?

What are the job opportunities as a clinical nutritionist in India?

At present, our daily routine in which we hustle to achieve our personal as well as professional goals by working endlessly is taking a toll on our health. Additionally, we have developed a habit of sleeping less and started binge eating without any physical activities to meet our work deadlines. Unaware of its consequences, these habits are giving an invitation to innumerable acute and chronic diseases.

In the fast-paced life of the contemporary world, being in the pink of health by keeping diseases at bay makes a big difference in our physical and mental health. Earlier, India was not much conscious about its health. Keeping oneself fit, fine and in shape was restricted to the elite or upper-middle class. Slowly, the urge to look good and maintain shape became a need for all Indian classes.

A few of the population even joined gyms and some started dieting while some preferred exercising at their homes.

Subsequently, many of us googled about diet plans to get fit and healthy. A very few of us know that requirement of proper protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats in the body differs from person to person.

Sometimes, starting a diet on our own can prove to be life-threatening. Therefore, it is always suggested to consult a nutritionist before beginning any diet plan.

A clinical nutritionist in India: Scope and Future

People often get confused between a dietitian and a nutritionist. However, both the dietician and nutritionist are health professionals and help people with diets to achieve health goals, but their degrees are different. Notably, a nutritionist is not a doctor. They can only use ‘Dr.’ before their names if they have done a Ph.D. in the same discipline.

In India, people have started understanding the benefits of staying healthy. Even the Government of India (GoI) is promoting the benefits of staying healthy among the people. Thus, people have started consulting nutritionists to get their advice for a healthy lifestyle.

Also, people have become much aware and included health in the list of their personal goals. For this, they are consulting nutritionists on online platforms apps such as Practo, DocsApp, and MFine, among various others.

Scope of a clinical nutritionist in India

Opting B.Sc nutrition and dietetics course at this time will be a great kick-start for your career as it is one of the fastest-growing industries and has a broad scope. After completing the program, an individual can work in hospitals or health clinics. Let’s take a quick look at some significant professions in this field.

1.    Dietitian

2.    Health Promotion Officer

3.    Nutritionist

4.    Food Scientist

5.    Entrepreneur

6.    Culinary Specialist

7.    Project Associate

8.    Public Policy Advocates

Famous nutritionists in India

Some of the big names in this domain are listed below:

·         Rutuja Diwekar

·         Shikha Sharma

·         Anjali Mukherjee

·         Ishi Khosla

·         Pooja Makhija

·         Shubi Husain

·         Raksha Changappa

Apply to the program in the prestigious college of Dehradun and get an opportunity to become a registered dietitian.

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