Machete Band Reboot – New Album and Movie-Making

Machete Band Reboot – New Album and Movie-Making

The frontman of the Machete band, Yaroslav Malyi, and producer Mikhail Peleg spoke about their plans for the near future – the release of several albums and the filming of the movie.

Yaroslav, what inspires you to write new songs?

Yaroslav: My loved ones inspire me. Wherever I am, my family always supports me, shares all my ideas, including creative ones. My advice to everyone – value every moment of your life, and learn to enjoy simple everyday things. I’m incredibly excited that I can share my songs and thoughts not only with those who are dear to me but also with millions of people who like my music.

Mikhail, tell us, please, what have you prepared for the fans of the Machete band?


Today we are working on several projects at once. We plan to release a film and present a new album that is utterly different from our previous works. Now we are actively looking for sponsors for financial support of the original movie. Soon, a portion of new music awaits admirers of the Machete band.

The previously released composition Tenderness became the most popular among all Machete creations. More than 33 million people from all over the world watched the video on YouTube. Yaroslav, how would you explain the popularity of this particular track?

Yaroslav: In my opinion, words were written sincerely and with meaning always touch the hearts of listeners. Only three people were involved in the filming of the video for “Tenderness”: I, Ravshana Kurkova and Igor Shmelev, who became the director. The plot was quite simple so that any person could understand its meaning. We tried to convey the purity of two people being in love. I think that these influenced a high level of appreciation of such a large audience.

Mikhail, what, do you think is the key to the Machete band’s success?

Mikhail: Nowadays, you can meet many young musicians who are trying to be on top. All of them need support and sponsorship. Speaking about the Machete band, I can say that the guys actually know their stuff. Each of them is a creative person. They set a goal and strive for its implementation. It is the determination and self-development that is the key to the success of any artist.

Yaroslav, tell us, please, about your personal recipe for success?

Yaroslav: In my songs, I try to cover topics that are simple and important for people. I do not write meaningless and empty texts but express my own thoughts. For me, such concepts as life and love are very important, and I want to talk about them. I hope that these words mean as much to our listeners as they do to me.

The lead singer of the Machete band Yaroslav Malyi and producer Mikhail Peleg’s plans for the near future include writing new songs, studio recordings, video clips, and large-scale country tours. In addition to new tracks, the band will remind the audience about already loved songs from old albums.

Rohit Raina
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