5 Steps To Perfect Lean Muscle Body For Men Over 40

5 Steps To Perfect Lean Muscle Body For Men Over 40
Courtesy: mensfitness.com

A man’s body is perfect when it has the muscles in all the right places. That is why you see men lifting heavier weights at the gym. They want to build their body to make it perfect. But as men grow older, their testosterone levels declines, therefore they lose more lean muscle mass and begin to get fat. Ugly right?

Testosterone is the hormones that is responsible for fat distribution, muscle growth, sexual libido and energy in men. This is why when their testosterone levels decline, they begin to lose shape and become less active.

Courtesy: mensfitness.com

In order to maintain shape, men who have crossed the age of 40 need to build and maintain their muscles and also burn excess fat.

If you are a man over 40, chances are you are beginning to lose shape, but don’t worry, these article will guide you on how to get your body back in shape.

You’re going to be feeling like you’re 25 again!

How to build muscle for men over 40

Whether you used to have that perfectly muscle body and you are beginning to lose it, or you have always been on the “round” side and you want to look ripped, it is not too late. With the tips below, you’ll be flaunting your ripped figure in no time.

  • Eat the right diet

Diet comes first. If you have any medical condition, your diet comes first if you are trying to get well. For weight loss, diet comes first. For weight gain, diet comes first. Do, for muscle building, your diet sure does come first.

What should you eat? Eat balanced diet. Your daily meals should contain nutrient- protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, dairy, vitamins, minerals and water.

These nutrients are essential in keeping your body in good shape. However, for muscle building, you need more protein. Eat grass fed beef, cottage cheese, organic yoghurt, beans/lentils, milk, fish, egg, turkey and chicken.

For your carbs eat breakfast cereals, bagels, bran muffins, mashed potatoes and pasta.

Healthy fast include olive oil, oily fish, avocado, berries, salmon, and flax seeds.

  • Take supplements

Muscle building supplements are designed to help you get faster results from your workouts and they provide the necessary nutrients your body needs to burn fat and gain lean muscle mass.

There are a lot of supplements out there. Do not use muscle building steroids, they come with a lot of side effects that can damage your health- both physical and mental.

Invest in natural supplements like BCAAs, Protein powders, Creatine, Casein, HGH supplements to mention a few. There are many out there produced by different companies.

Do your research on them so you would know which one you need. Also make sure you are buying from a reputable company, so as to avoid counterfeits.

  • Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises if done properly can help you grow muscles as with strength training, believe it or not. This is because you need to burn fat, so when you burn fat, you are able to build muscle. This means don’t ignore aerobic exercises and do only strength training.

If you’re training to gain muscle, you will need to do less aerobic. Too much of it can actually disturb your muscle gain by slowing recovery and burning up the calories that your body needs for the muscle building process.

Try jogging, swimming, hiking.

  • Strength training

Strength training not only build your muscles, it also helps you slow down aging process. It is a form of exercising your muscles using an opposing force i.e. dumb bells or resistance bands.

These exercises include bench press, bicep curls, squats, push-ups, burpees, lunges and dumbbell row. You can do these workouts at home or register at the gym.

  • Balance your testosterone level

As stated earlier, when testosterone levels declines, the result is too much fat and less muscle. You need to boost your testosterone level by taking natural testosterone booster.

When you take a testosterone booster, you burn fat, increase lean muscle mass, you notice energy boost and even better sexual libido. You are also able to perform better physically. You feel and look young again!


Getting a ripped and sexy body is not impossible when you have hit the age of 40. All you need is the take the right steps and you will be turning heads again.

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