How To Tell It’s Time To Buy a Specs Frame – For a Kenya Citizen

How To Tell It’s Time To Buy a Specs Frame – For a Kenya Citizen

Vision problems are common, and that’s one of the reasons for this industry spreading its wings across to the fashion domain, of which stylish frames are a significant part of.

The ideal frames match your type without compromising on comfort. Luckily, you can find a range of designer frames from any reputable store. This gives you the freedom to match your style and personality while not digging a hole in your pocket. However, it is important to understand when it is time to replace your eyeglass frames. 

How do you know you need new a specs frame?

Regular headache while wearing prescription glasses is the first sign you need to go out and get new lenses.  You have to go for a comprehensive eye test annually or even more frequently, especially when living in a part of Kenya with more sunlight and sand. Your vision might have changed gradually without you having noticed. Finding this out requires booking an eye test from the best optical shop. 

Regardless of how much you might want to lower the costs, new lenses need new frames. It is a bad idea to believe in replacing just the lenses without getting a new frame. New lenses fit better in new customized frames. Old frames need heating to remove old lenses and reheating to place new lenses. This exerts stress on the frame material and has a risk of cracking, splitting, and breaking after a short while. 

Adopting a green lifestyle

Eyeglass frames are traditionally made from various materials including titanium, acetate, and stainless steel. However, with growing awareness about environmental sustainability, designers are making eyeglass frames using recyclable and earth-friendly materials. Frames are now made from materials like recycled steel and caster plants to replace petrochemicals. When looking for where to buy specs frame in Kenya, a reputable optical store with an online presence ensures you also have green options with you. 

Here, you can look forward to finding frames from leading designers including Oxygene, Optica, Cactus, and Couture. These are from various materials which are fashionable and affordable. Popular plastic frames are made from materials including:

  • Zylonate 
  • Propionate
  • Nylon
  • Cellulose 
  • Propionate 

Upgrading your style 

Manufacturers are always designing new eyeglass frames to match the latest trends. If there is a design that catches your fancy, it is a moment to upgrade your style. Luckily, these are made from affordable and greener materials. The rule of thumb is to invest in a frame that doesn’t cost a fortune with a timeless appeal. Opt for a fashionable specs frame with a classic touch to enhance your features. 

Frames come in various materials including diamond plated options. Fancier frames are made of titanium and pricier while plastic frames are more affordable but fashionable. 

Frame with damaged fixtures

Eyeglass frames worn for some time are prone to various problems including stripped screws and bending. Metal frames can bend when exposed to excessive pressure, especially during a fall. All these problems make your frames lose aesthetic appeal. Replacing the frame with a new and better one is a good idea to always look spick and span. 

Failing to fit

Your eyeglass frame has to rest with an equally distributed weight on your nose and ears while gripping the temples lightly. A visually fitting frame has the width equal to the width of your face from ear to ear. There should not be any gap between your nose and frame bridge. When you notice this, it means the frames don’t fit you anymore. This can happen when you lose weight or put on more weight. A loose-fitting frame that can’t adjust is likely to fall and cause significant damage to the lenses. Getting a new frame before it is too late will save you from the extra cost. 

When your skin becomes sensitive to the frame

People with sensitive skin can get irritation from the frame touchpoints especially metal eyeglass frames. Consider switching from using a frame with harsher metal to a hypoallergenic one. These are made from different materials and don’t cause skin irritation regardless of how often you use them. Frames made from monel cause allergic reactions and irritation on direct contact with face skin. 

Additionally, Beryllium frames are good for people with high skin acidity but irritate those with sensitive skin. Upgrading your frame to one made from hypoallergenic materials like silver, stainless steel, gold, plastic, and titanium is a good idea. 

Bottom line

Eyeglasses help correct your vision. The ideal eyeglass frames match your personality while boosting self-confidence. It is very important to understand the ideal moment to invest in a new frame to match your face shape and lifestyle. 

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