What Are Probiotic Skin Care Products & Why You Should Use Them?

What Are Probiotic Skin Care Products & Why You Should Use Them?

Have you heard of the latest trending skincare ingredient? It’s probiotics. Yes, probiotics are now being used to make skincare products. Studies show that these bacteria are good at treating some skin problems that are related to the complexion. Even though organic skincare products are now on the rise, there’s still space for probiotics to join. You may be wondering how probiotics help in treating skin problems, don’t worry, we will walk you through the scientific process. Maybe not that scientific, but we promise to tell you everything about it. Read on!

You may have heard of probiotics as the good bacteria that benefit you. Well, just as it is orally suitable for your digestive system, so it is for your skin. There are many supplements that give a dose of probiotics, and you can use them naturally in some food like yogurt and gummy candies. Down in our guts, there are hosts of bacteria that help us to digest well and prevent us from having an issue with our already eaten food. These bacteria also stop us from getting ill as they act as combats against the harmful bacteria that cause illnesses.

Probiotic and Skincare 

So, what does this have to do with skincare? Well, the work probiotics perform inside our body is similar to that on our skin. There are many ways probiotics can help improve the nature of your skin over a long period of time. One of the benefits is that it wipes away the harmful bacteria that live on our skin. Let’s face it, our skin is a habitat for millions of bacteria, and most of them can do more harm than good. In fact, bad bacteria can never do you good; that’s it. 

While you may have been scared to hear bad bacteria may be present on your skin, relax, there are lots of good bacteria also, and they outweigh those that are bad. These good bacteria have their role; some protect our skin from getting damaged by environmental conditions like sunlight while some fight off infections, thereby keeping us in good shape. Another reason why these bacteria exist is to hydrate our skin every time as dry skins are more prone to infections. 

As good as these bacteria are, many actions we perform can cause us to lose them one by one. The balance can be altered if we use soaps that can affect their lives. Other things like face scrubs, antiseptics, and antibiotics can change the balance and cause these bacteria to die. When this happens, there is a viable chance that some skin problems will start to show, and this is due to the loss of the bacteria that are supposed to prevent them. These skin problems include acne, eczema, flaky skin, and rosacea. The only way to treat these skin problems is to introduce probiotics that will fight them off.

We now have new skincare products that promise to bring back the good bacteria for you to maintain healthy skin. Some are called probiotics, and these creams have a good number of bacteria that are ready to live and perform wonders on your skin. 

There is also prebiotics; these creams have content that will boost already existing bacteria on your skin. They will be stronger than before, therefore ready to combats skin infections. You should know that this process is for those that already have skin problem as a result of imbalance bacteria level. In case you don’t have any issue related to this, you shouldn’t use the probiotics creams. This is to avoid causing damage that is not already there as the extra effort made to correct an already glowing skin may bring about a bad result.

These probiotic creams are perfect for those people suffering from acne, eczema, rosacea, and any form of skin dryness. One thing you should keep in mind is that probiotics may not solve the problem completely, as other factors may add to the symptoms you are seeing. Even though bacteria imbalance may be of the causes of your skin problem, it may not be the principal cause, and probiotics won’t be effective in this situation.

Choosing the Right Probiotic Skin Products

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Although most probiotic skincare brands claim to have done much research before formulating their product, this claim can’t be proven. The label is a good place to look for information on the product, but the issue is you shouldn’t believe everything you read on labels. It’s hard to differentiate between a good product and a bad one because you can’t use them all at once, and you wouldn’t want to turn your home into a lab. 

So, what do you do to overcome this? When searching for a probiotics skincare to buy, don’t look at the packaging or the price tags as most people attribute high prices with high quality. Having a high price tag does not make a product high in quality. You need to be at alert to avoid being hoax into buying a probiotic cream that is not good for you.

If you are someone that loves to read and do research, you can conduct one yourself to see which cream actually suits you. Another option is to consult a dermatologist for professional advice. One of the things to keep in mind is never to buy a cream tagged soap-based cleanser. 

Lastly, do not buy cream or soap that cleanses. Cleansers are bound to get rid of bacteria, whether they are good or not. You are looking for ways to get your good bacteria back, so you don’t want something that will wipe the rest out. Another thing is to look for a cleanser that is not soap-based; this means they can’t wipe good bacteria out. You will see tags like ‘for sensitive skin,’ ‘gentle,’ and so on. Your next step is to use clean water with your cleanser, and you are good to go.

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