Complete Guide to Buying a Vintage Engagement Ring

Complete Guide to Buying a Vintage Engagement Ring

Buying a vintage engagement ring for your special day is a dream for many. When buying an engagement ring for a loved one, many buyers prefer vintage engagement rings. The reason behind preferring vintage engagement rings over other types is many. Some choose such style for uniqueness, while others choose it for the design elements that usually the vintage engagement rings have.

“vintage” Usually refers to things that are at least 20 years old. When it comes to the purchase of engagement rings, vintage engagement rings are chosen because such rings signify the style of the ring not its age. From craftsmanship to originality, antique diamonds to style, a rarity to ethical look and the cost of the ring, the reasons behind buying a vintage engagement ring are many. Vintage engagement rings such as halo engagement rings are not just beautiful but also have precious gemstones such as ruby, and sapphires with round, princess, oval, and other center diamond shapes. 

The uniqueness and beauty of these types of engagement rings make it tough for buyers to pick the right vintage engagement ring. However, following the buying guide properly helps you pick the best vintage engagement ring for your loved one. Let’s have a look at some important things that must be considered while buying a vintage engagement ring. 

Do your research

For the purchase of a vintage engagement ring, there is so much research that the buyer needs to be done. Before buying such type of ring, it is important to do some research. Especially if you are going to buy a diamond ring, then you must be familiar with the Four Cs of the diamond- color, clarity, carat, and cut. 

Doing the research before the purchase help you set your expectations. Here the research is not just limited to the ring only. Knowing about the preferences of your partner, the ring style and metal he/she loves, ring size, etc. also must be known before the purchase. A good understanding of the vintage engagement ring helps you know clearly about the diamond style, shape and cut that you must add to your ring. 

Considering the center stones

Another thing that you must consider when buying a vintage engagement ring is the center stone. As compared to the latest engagement rings, vintage engagement rings have different center stones. Aside from the diamond, the popular stones that vintage engagement ring usually includes are topaz, aquamarine, garnet, sapphire, ruby, cubic zirconia, and emerald. 

The bold colors of these gemstones give life and uniqueness to vintage rings. The latest rings usually include diamonds in their center. But vintage engagement ring usually includes a different gemstone in their center. So before picking a vintage engagement ring, it is better to consider the gemstone, its style, look, durability as well as cost. Make sure the center stone and other styles of the ring you will choose will be exactly as per the preference/choice of your partner. This will help you give them a ring that will love to wear forever. 

Define budget

The cost of vintage engagement rings depends on a variety of things. From the style of the vintage engagement ring you pick to the gemstone added to it, there are different things that affect its overall cost. So defining your budget before making the purchase helps to prevent the risk of buying an expensive vintage engagement ring. When you do not set a budget in advance the chances of making a hole in your pocket remain high. 

Having a budget help you make the purchase accordingly, just like it would if you were going for a custom made engagement ring. In case, you have a good budget and are ready to buy an expensive vintage engagement ring, then you can freely choose a vintage engagement ring with a unique and larger gemstone/diamond and a different style. In case you have a limited budget then you can choose other stones such as onyx, pearl, and opal as center stones. 

Choosing such a stone will help you reduce the overall cost of your vintage engagement ring. However, professional jeweler usually recommends avoiding these stones as they do not have much durability and increases the need for frequent repair and replacement.

Quality and assurances

The consideration of quality and assurance of vintage engagement rings is nowadays as important as buying a unique and beautiful ring. Many suppliers of vintage engagement rings make the mistake of not checking the ring quality. They just keep their focus on the style and cost of the ring. 

Sometimes this mistake cost them high when they end up buying it from the wrong supplier. To get a high-quality vintage engagement ring it is essential to make sure that you will buy it from a professional. The purchase of a vintage engagement ring from a professional jeweler ensures that you will get a pure product. 


Professional jewelers never keep you in doubt. No matter what type of ring or jewelry you will purchase from them or how expensive or affordable it is, such suppliers always give you a certification of purity. If you will pick a halo engagement ring or a vintage engagement ring with a big diamond, make sure you will also get the purity certification. 

Final Thoughts

The value of an engagement ring is much more than its cost. It not only just defines your relationship but also shows your love and commitment towards each other. Above all else, buying a vintage engagement ring exactly the way your partner love help you show your love care. A good ring not just gives you the confidence to purpose your partner but also helps you give a new definition to your relationship. 

Christie Lewis
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