Some Common Antique Watch Myths Debunked

Some Common Antique Watch Myths Debunked

When you understand the intricacy of an antique timepiece, it is easy to understand why so many people choose to collect these superb examples of micro-engineering. For those who know little about antique and vintage watches, there are quite a few myths out there, which this article debunks.

  • Antique Watches Do Not Hold Their Value – There are many distinguished antique dealers offering fine pieces that would shoot this myth down in flames. If you had purchased a late 19th century ladies pocket watch by LeCoultre 10 years ago, a couple of hundred dollars would have been the price. It would be the same piece that is now valued at $1,800. One of the motivations for collectors of fine timepieces is the appreciation in value and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.
  • Antique Watches Are Very Expensive – It is understandable that a person might think antique and vintage watches for sale are out of their league. Timepieces made in the 18th century that still works perfectly is exceptional, yet there are pieces that are certainly within your reach. When you invest in an early 19th century pocket watch, your asset appreciates and with some TLC and regular servicing, the watch will stand the test of time.
  • Antique Watches Are Very Delicate And Break Easily – While it is true that an antique watch is delicate, it has managed to survive 100 years and is still working fine. If you take good care of the watch, there’s no reason for it to degrade. Only allow professionals to service the timepiece and handle it with care, and your asset will appreciate.
  • Antique Watches Are Easily Reproduced – While this might be the case for vintage Rolex watches, anything over 100 years would be impossible to replicate. If you are in any doubt as to the authenticity, take the watch to an antique dealer, who can appraise the piece. Most antique watches are hallmarked, which is further proof that it is the genuine article and if reading this inspires you to make an acquisition, Google can help you find an antique dealer near you and you can browse their catalogue. There are many periods and you can immerse yourself in web articles that delve into a particular era and the top watchmakers of that time. There are examples of innovation emerging across Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, as new materials and technology became available.
  • Antique Watches Should Never Be Worn – Part of the joy of owning such a timepiece is to wear it on occasion and if you take care, there’s no reason you can’t add that elegant fob watch & chain to your tweed suit. While an antique watch shouldn’t be worn daily, like most engineering marvels, it should be used as intended. If it was designed to be worn and opened and closed, then it should be brought out on special occasions.

Many private investors are lured into the antique and vintage watch market and by forging an alliance with a reputable antique dealer, you can gradually acquire a nice collection.

Rohit Raina
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