How to Add a Vintage Glow to Your Style?

How to Add a Vintage Glow to Your Style?

We love learning and educating at the same time. And we hate the boring things that are a part of our lives, especially clothes that we have to wear every day at work. 

We talk about vintage styling, which is never boring, and is rapidly becoming a hot trend around the world. Retailers and brands are really after the power of vintage. In fact, when Oxfam launched its vintage line, sales shot up for the brand by 400%.

Vintage styling tips for office

Vintage styling never fails to turn heads. In office, however, dressing fun shouldn’t go so overboard that it totally distracts. Nonetheless, you don’t need to merge with your office white or blue walls also. 

There should be *some* fun element to your personality. If you want to make your college or working days a little pepped up, we have put down some vintage fashion styling tips for you to follow. Take a look:

Neutral pink and beige

Neon colors have been very popular these days, but let’s change them into something warm, cozy and soft. You should start feeling these when you see a soft pink or beige clothes. You can buy a t-shirt or a shirt that you will add to your regular outfit for work. You can also wear it to college to feel yourself comfortable and fashionable at once. It’s better to choose different colors for several parts of your outfit:

  • Soft-champagne shirt;
  • A soft blue skirt or leggings;
  • Brown glasses;
  • A dark red purse.

Patterns and graphics

Do you love ethnic patterns? It’s time to forget about them at least for a few weeks or months. Choose the clothes where you see tiny-tiny flowers or birds.

And don’t forget about the previous point about the color. If you don’t like such patterns, you can pick something up that has only one pale color. It’s better to avoid any kind of graphics that you used to wear before and use something new. However, you should always feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

The best thing about vintage fashion is that you can reuse your mom’s saree and get it turned into a pleated knee length office skirt or even a blazer. In fact, this idea is what a teenager raised an entire business out of.

As mentioned in The Guardian,  “Caitlin Young is one of millions of teenagers and 20-somethings who are shaking up the fashion industry by digging out their parents’ cast-offs, raiding charity shops and scanning boot sales to build mini businesses online. Young picks up 1990s and “Y2K” early 2000s “vintage” gear from charity shops and jumble sales and then styles or customises them for her 22,500 followers on Depop, a fast-growing social media app which combines the image creation of Instagram with a digital version of market trader bargaining.”

Business aside, these ethnic fabrics from your grandmother or mother’s closet, will give your otherwise plain blazer a very chic look.

It’s better to avoid any kind of graphics that you used to wear before and use something new. However, you should always feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. 

If you would rather buy from a brand than picking a saree from your mom’s closet for your office vintage look, keep an eye on sales from big brands that often hold vintage clothing sales. 

H&M, for example, planned a sale on vintage clothes for the current sustainability challenge that the fashion industry is going through. These ‘branded’ second hand clothes save clothes from being dumped and adding to the rising cost of fashion. As such, vintage fashion is saving the world huge losses.

Cloth and fittings

How to add vintage glow to your style

Pulling together a vintage look is simple. What’s tough about nailing this fashion is getting the vintage ‘feel and finish’ to your clothing. What differentiates vintage ethnic patterns from regular ethnic patterns is the type of thread work or patchwork that goes into it. 

Vintage patterns and cloth work have a rustic appeal to it. For example, vintage clothes either have a very loose fit or are tightly body hugging. If you are opting for a fabric like leather, go for a tight fit outfit. If, on the other hand, you are opting for a fabric like velvet, boyfriend fit jackets would look absolutely vintage.

For a vintage boho look for the office flair pants in velvet make a great outfit. Patchwork instead of pockets will rock! This is a simple design idea on how to style vintage will make you feel very comfortable all day long. If you don’t like the idea of patchwork on pants, simply opt for flowy fabric bell bottoms and a printed-fitted top.

Black and white

Black and white are evergreen colors. Go for a classic black and white mix, or pick monotone. You can choose any patterns like tiny flowers, wide or narrow stripes or other that you can find in the shops.

A white denim boyfriend fit jacket, for example, can be worn over a plain black sleeveless flaired dress. To complete the look wear a chunky silver necklace or round hoop earrings. This style is classic, yet fresh. If its winters, pull out your ankle boots for this look.

The vintage flare

Midi dresses are a great workplace wear. So, chuck those jeans and leggings, and trade them for a truly classic look. A simple vintage flare midi dress that is a bit loose is a good example of how you can add a little vintage flare to your work wardrobe. 

To complete the look, you can take round glasses and an old-looking watch of any color. Semi-precious stone dangles or round hoops go best with this look. You can wear lots of silver bangles with this piece too. If you wish to go a little traditional with this style, wear a big round bindi.

Closing comments

Every person can have different images of a vintage style. What do you have in mind? You can make a picture of your best outfit on paper and look for accessories to go along with it in the shops. 

Fashion from the 60’s is diverse. And, wear bell bottoms might not suit you at all a flair dress will. Or, where you don’t feel comfortable in a fitted high neck shirt, a boat neck polka top will make you look cute.

If you are a sucker for vintage clothes, chances are you have saved precious fabrics with gold and silver thread embroidery on them. Time to turn them into gorgeous, chic jackets or even handbags!

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