How to Add a Vintage Glow to Your Style?

How to Add a Vintage Glow to Your Style?

We love learning and educating at the same time. And we hate the boring things that are a part of our lives, especially clothes that we have to wear every day at work. At term paper help, folks have developed a style that brings a lot of inspiration and good mood for every employee. If you want to make your college or working days more fun, scroll down how they’ve done this.

Neutral pink and beige

Neon colors have been very popular these days, but let’s change them into something warm, cozy and soft. You should start feeling these when you see a soft pink or beige clothes. You can buy a t-shirt or a shirt that you will add to your regular outfit for work. You can also wear it to college to feel yourself comfortable and fashionable at once. It’s better to choose different colors for several parts of your outfit:

      • Soft-champagne shirt;
      • A soft blue skirt or leggings;
      • Brown glasses;
      • A dark red purse.

Patterns and graphics

Do you love ethnic patterns? It’s time to forget about them at least for a few weeks or months. Choose the clothes where you see tiny-tiny flowers or birds. And don’t forget about the previous point about the color. If you don’t like such patterns, you can pick something up that has only one pale color. It’s better to avoid any kind of graphics that you used to wear before and use something new. However, you should always feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Cloth and fittings

Chic Kelly Brook

They should be made of metal or wood. Or they can be plastic and colored to look like natural materials. All the clothes should have the minimum fitting or be without it at all. It’s better to wear glasses, a watch or a belt instead of having a lot of fittings or buttons on you. A simple design that makes you feel comfortable plus a little number of distracting elements on the clothes will make you look great.

Black and white

If you love these colors, you can choose monochrome outfits. You can choose any patterns like tiny flowers, wide or narrow stripes or other that you can find in the shops. If you haven’t worn such clothes, pay attention to the clothes that won’t be too tight for you. It can be a bit loose to have a little vintage flare. You can take round glasses and an old-looking watch of any color. The color of your accessories can be any from brown to yellow.

The vintage flare

Every person can have different images of a vintage style. What do you have in mind? You can make a picture of your best outfit on paper and look for its components in the shops. You will easily decide how stylish you will look like after you try something on. You will see your reflection in the mirror. If you look fresh and young, this style matches you. If you feel unhappy or your face looks dirty or tired, it’s not your style.

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