Five ways of improving beauty and facial symmetry

Five ways of improving beauty and facial symmetry

Depending on personal and social preferences, beauty is perceived differently. However, some ways are encoded into our genes, and inarguably one of the most powerful factors influencing attractiveness is facial symmetry. 

Facial symmetry isn’t something you might consciously pick up on, but subconsciously is one of the biggest factors in finding someone attractive. 

If you have a symmetrical face, you will be perceived as attractive, regardless of gender. Many may feel that you cannot do much if you’re born with asymmetrical features, but with the evolution of the cosmetic industry, there are several ways of achieving the look you’ve always wanted. 

A perfectly symmetrical face makes you feel much more comfortable and confident in your skin. Keen on knowing more about this subject? Read on to learn more. 

1. Cosmetic enhancement 

There are several ways of increasing your beauty and facial symmetry, and many of those procedures can be non-invasive. 

Though effective, these procedures can take longer to show results. In contrast, cosmetic enhancements are more effective in helping you achieve the look you want. 

When it comes to cosmetic enhancements, there are several options available. One of the best options for achieving a perfectly symmetrical face is rhinoplasty. It starts with the nose,as it is the most common feature that makes a face look unbalanced.

A skillfully performed Rhinoplasty surgery is the best way to address an imbalanced nose. Rhinoplasty helps get that perfectly carved, symmetrical face that you’ve been dreaming of by fixing the shape of your nose. 

Another benefit of rhinoplasty is the parameters are customizable, and the results are excellent. 

2. Gua sha 

Surgery isn’t the only way to change your facial features and make yourself look younger and prettier. If you want to increase your facial symmetry, Gua sha is an incredibly effective and non-invasive way. 

Gua sha is a centuries-old Chinese medicinal practice that usessmooth stones on the skin to make your features look more sculpted. With time, regular Gua sha can help you make your face seem much more symmetrical. 

On the face of it, Gua sha is an incredibly simple process. All you need is a tapered jade stone and some facial oil to help the stone glide over your skin. 

Through skillful strokes, you can depuff eyebrows, get better circulation, carve out cheekbones, and restore facial symmetry. 

Gliding the stone over your face can help in lymphatic drainageand make your face look more defined and symmetrical. Gua sha is something you can easily use at home or in the salon if you want a more intensive procedure. 

3. Dental work 

You’ll be surprised at the effects your dental condition can have on your beauty and facial symmetry. Your overall appearance will be affected if you have crooked or missing teeth. 

If your facial symmetry is a little off-balance, your teeth need fixing. If you have a missing tooth anywhere, your face can seem sunken in on one side and puffier on the other. Having a dentist evaluate you can help you figure out how to realign your face. 

Braces and veneers are some excellent options you can go for to not only get a brilliant smile but restore your facial symmetry too. 

4. Facial yoga 

Facial yoga is another non-invasive yet incredibly effective technique to restore facial symmetry. Apart from making your face look more symmetrical, it depuffs, brightens skin tone, and restores overall youthfulness. 

Facial yoga can be a combination of massages and yoga poses that help get the blood to circulate better through your face and chisel out your features. 

Performing facial yoga is super simple and is something you can do at home, work, and even in bed. The process can help tackle not just your facial muscles but muscles in your neck and shoulders, too, for an overall symmetrical, youthful appearance. 

From breathing exercises to relaxing massages, there’s a huge variety to choose from when it comes to facial yoga. You can incorporate these poses in your workout routine for added benefits, such as improving oxygen circulation through your skin. 

Research suggests that, with time, facial yoga can improvebeauty and symmetry and help fight signs of aging. 

5. Use Sunscreen 

Though it may seem minor, skipping sunscreen can damageyour facial symmetry and overall beauty. Sun damage includesunwanted tanning and developing sun spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, and dryness in areas most exposed to the sun. 

If you skip sunscreen when traveling to or from work, the side more exposed to the sun can develop all these features, making your face seem asymmetrical. 

Remember, reversing sun damage (Photoaging) to the face can be challenging, so prevention is always better than cure. A high-SPF sunscreen tailored to your skin tone can help you protect your face. 

With time, we’ve moved past the white, sticky sunscreens, which always left a tacky residue. Instead, you can find several amazing formulations with skincare benefits. 

Moreover, you can also opt for spray-on sunscreens to help you stay protected from sun damage throughout the day. 

Some tips for using sunscreen properly include

✓ Choosing the right SPF: Sun Protection Factor (SPF) measures how well the sunscreen protects against UVB rays, which cause sunburns. Choosing a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended.

✓ Look for broad-spectrum protection: The sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB rays.

✓ Use one with a matte finish: A matte-finish sunscreen can help prevent your face from looking greasy or shiny.

✓ Use it every day: Even on cloudy days, UV rays can penetrate the skin, so it’s important to use sunscreen every day, all year round.


Today we’re more beauty conscious than ever, and having a perfectly symmetrical face is the best way to stand out. 

It might seem challenging to alter or enhance the features you were born with, but luckily there are many ways of restoringyour beauty. Whether you’re looking for minor changes or a full transformation, this list has something for everyone. 

We hope you learned something from this article. If we missed something, let us know in the comments below. Good luck.

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