4 Women’s Clothing Myths Debunked in 4 Minutes 

4 Women’s Clothing Myths Debunked in 4 Minutes 

Many do’s and don’ts cloud the world of fashion. Traditional fashion rules govern choice of clothing, use of color, and accessories.

Fashion rules dictate what’s seen as fashionable, and what people can wear or not. Although rules make fashion, beauty, and style admirable, they’re meant to be broken. 

Hard-and-fast fashion rules affect women the most, dictating what you should wear as a plus size or curvy woman. Breaking the rules is said to negatively impact your professional and social reputation. 

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However, most of the die-hard fashion rules are merely myths. What works for one woman may not work for another because no two women are the same. Your body size, style, context, and personal preferences make you a unique person.

When working to dress yourself, personal appearance becomes important. So, you can rethink existing fashion rules to come up with something that works for you. Here are four clothing myths debunked that you can stylish subvert and confidently don to suit your style:

4 Clothing Myths to Subvert for a Personal Stylish Look

Mixing and Wearing More Than One Bold Color is a Disaster

Bold Rainbow colors are the new black. Don’t be confined to neutrals because you’re an adult or have to dress for the office.

Color appeals visually and has powerful healing effects. Studies have shown that color can improve your creativity, enhance your mood, bring you serenity, boost your energy, and inspire you, among other amazing benefits.

If you love color, don’t shy off from wearing your favorites. Mix and match bold colors you love in your dress, pants, or whatever cloth you intend to wear.

Look at the color spectrum and explore your accessories to find something you can mix and wear for the day. A great way to introduce bold colors into your outfit is choosing the right accessories. Belts, bags, jewelry, shoelaces, and scarves in bold colors can brighten your outfit.

Choose clothes in bold colors to exude your unique personality. Fashion and dressing is all about being confident and authentic in whatever you wear. 

Let your bold outfit express your personality and voice without the myth surrounding bold colors being a hindrance.

You Can’t Wear Gold and Silver Together

Jewelry is a great way to accessorize your outfit. Although you can accentuate your look with gold or silver, the two also go well together. Contrary to the myth that gold and silver can’t be worn together, you’ll actually look amazing.

Mix and match silver and gold jewelry pieces to attain a unique glittery look. Layer thin silver chains over chunky gold pieces to create an elegant look around your neck area.

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You can also layer silver and gold rings on your fingers to create a beautiful statement. Apart from jewelry, you can also mix and match clothes in gold and silver for a metallic look.

Choose the same shades of gold and silver to tie your look together and choose simple clothing designs for an elegant look.

Pattern Mixing Is Too Risky To Try

You’ve been warned many times on fashion magazines and blogs to never mix your patterns or prints. Clash or contrast patterns and prints for an on-trend look. Check out street style and runway trends for inspiration. 

Mix two or three patterns or prints within the same scale, pattern type (such as dots, stripes, and checks), and color for an aesthetic look. The type of pattern you choose becomes the main focal point for your outfit.

Choose a prominent color to complement other hues in your outfit and vary the scale of patterns. Make sure that some prints or patterns are larger than others for a balanced look.

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You can also wear different types of patterns such as florals and prints on the same outfit. Mix and match textures, new and old, and highs and lows for a stylish, sophisticated look. Your thoughtful outlook will make you stand out from your peers.

You Have To Be Rich To Dress Well

Price isn’t an indicator of quality. Learn to differentiate what looks expensive and what looks cheap, be it women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, belts, or even handbags. 

You must also learn about what differentiates low quality fabrics from their high quality counterparts, including construction of materials. A wedding dress or prom can cost about $1,000 or more, yet the items are usually worn once.

You can use services such as Rent The Runway and Little Borrowed Dress to rent an item that would cost you thousands of dollars to buy. Deals on clothing and thrift stores often sell high quality fashion items at throw away prices. 

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People let go of costly items they no longer use at low prices, making it easy for everyone to dress well. Alternatively, you can buy your favorite fabric and hire a good tailor to make you custom fashion items at affordable prices.


The do’s and don’ts of the fashion industry are mostly myths. You can break the fast rules to come up with a beautiful outfit that voices your authenticity and personality. You don’t have to be rich to dress well. What’s more, you can wear gold and silver together for a unique look. 

Don’t be afraid to mix and match bold colors or your favorite patterns. Dress to exude your beauty and confidence. Always don outfits that bring out the best of your body and looks.

Christie Lewis
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