Traditional Japanese Clothing You Should Know About

Traditional Japanese Clothing You Should Know About

Japanese culture is one of the most popular culture around the world. Tier culture and tradition are considered extremely rich, subtle, and fascinated. One of the major aspects that characterize tier cultural richness all over the world is clothing. 

 Do you know anything about traditional Japanese outfits? Keep reading to know more about Japanese clothing and tier popularity in all over the world.

Traditional Japanese clothing is the most important part of Japanese culture. There are various Japanese clothing centuries in Japan such as Kimono, yukata, haori, etc. They all reflect Japanese elegance, which is different from Western clothing.

  1. Kimono

While considering traditional Japanese clothing, the first thing that comes to mind is the kimono. It is a long dress having loose sleeves. The kimono is a true symbol of Japanese culture.  It looks like T-shape and looks attractive with an obi belt. Moreover, it is fascinating the greatest fashion designers all over the world.

Although nowadays most Japanese people wear Western-style kimonos on their special occasions like festivals, weddings, and ceremonies. You should know traditional kimono is a little expensive. However, this Japanese clothing certainly has not come to an end. The kimono is made of silk or wool.

  1. Yukata

Some people get confused with the kimono, the yukata is not formal clothing like the kimono. Even people do not wear it for ceremonies or other official events. The yukata is a sort of summer kimono, which is lightweight, made of cotton. It is casual cloth wear by Japanese. Nowadays yukata is commonly worn during festivals and fireworks too.

  1. Haori, the Japanese jacket

The haori is a popular Japanese jacket. It is traditionally worn over the kimono. Also, it’s fit and fabric identical to the kimono. This jacket does not close because it is worn in an open style.  However, you can wear it either open or tie it at the front with a small cord. It is made in an open style to let the beautiful colors of the kimono and obi belt show through.

Both women and men can wear this jacket on a daily basis.  Nowadays this jacket print is popular all over the world’s fashion industry.  This jacket is light, loose, and easy to wear. This is the only one Japanese jacket adopted by Westerners quickly. People use it as a summer jacket and casual home wear outfit.

  1. Tabi, (two-toed Japanese socks)

In Japanese, the term tabi stands for “footbag”, a funny way to describe Japanese socks. Traditional tabi socks are white, made of cotton, and gives a classic look. In addition, the its fabric is not stretchy and serves as a thick slipper. Nowadays, Japanese socks are fascinating not only in Japan but to the entire world!  Moreover, nowadays you can etc tabi socks in multicolor and multi fascinating, funny and attractive prints too. It is competing to western socks and deleting both young and old people with its elastic fabric.

Moreover, it is beneficial for the health of the feet.  Because the separation of the big toes from the others provides better balance to our body and gives a better posture. In addition, improves the regulation of sweat, stimulates blood circulation, and facilitates the natural movement of the foot.

Go for a traditional Japanese outfit!

Now you are familiar with these different types of Japanese clothing so you can consider wearing these too. 

Japanese clothing fashion is very elegant and classic. Its advantage is that it’s extremely comfortable. Thus, the kimono, the yukata, and Haori are all very pleasant to wear as both outdoor and indoor clothing, especially in summer. You can wear a Haori jacket on your t-shirt too for a cool look.

Now, it’s your turn to try Japanese clothing and look extremely good and feel enjoy comfort in it. To sop Japanese clothing check out NOVMTL online store. And for more information regarding Japanese clothing, you can contact us freely.

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