Why Should I Go For Clear Braces?

Why Should I Go For Clear Braces?

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of chatter in cosmetic dentistry about clear braces. Invented as an alternative to traditional braces that often end up looking ugly, clear braces have become a new ray of hope for several people.

Adults who wanted to get braces to fix their teeth but felt embarrassed to do so have used clear braces treatment like Invisalign and found it highly effective. They are now enjoying their renewed confidence and flashing their brand smiles wherever they go. 

If you too have been offered the option to get clear braces but are contemplating the decision, we are here to help you out. We reached out to an expert on the subject to find out the benefits of choosing clear braces.

Dr. Mike Nussbaum, one of the best family dentist in Austin shared the 7 reasons that make clear braces a trusted option to fix your teeth.

7 Reasons To Choose Clear Braces 

1. They are Discreet:

The biggest benefit of clear braces is they offer complete discretion. Unless someone looks up really close, they won’t be able to tell that you are wearing clear braces.

So if the thought of having metal wiring ruining your smile feels embarrassing you should definitely go for clear braces.

2. You can eat whatever you want

With traditional braces, you are restricted from eating certain foods like popcorn since they can get stuck in the wires. But with clear braces, you don’t have to worry about diet restrictions.

Clear braces can be removed before you have a meal. So you can enjoy all your favorite foods and then put them back on.

3. They are removable

Did you know you can take off clear braces whenever you want? It is recommended to wear clear braces for at least 22 hours every day to see results. But you can make an exception every once in a while and remove your braces at your own convenience. If you have an important event or meeting coming up, you can remove the aligners and then rewear them later on. No more embarrassing photos!

4. Fewer Dentist Visits

Unlike traditional braces they require regular upkeep from the dentist, clear braces don’t require you to visit your dentist often. You get a new set of braces every few weeks and the dentist will monitor progress from time to time.

This means less time spent waiting in your dentist’s office and more time to pursue your interests.

5. Improves Dental Hygiene

Clear braces don’t just fix crooked teeth and misalignment but can also help reduce gum diseases. You have to brush your teeth after each meal before you put your braces back on.

This helps you develop good oral hygiene habits and reduces the risk of gum infections.

6. Faster results

Yes, clear braces generally take a shorter time(as low as 12 months) to fix minor misalignments or overcrowded teeth. This means you achieve your perfect smile much quicker compared to traditional braces. It all depends on how committed you are to wearing braces and how severe your misalignment is.

7. They Are More Comfortable Too

Yes, unlike traditional braces that tend to poke your soft gum tissues with metal wires, clear braces are soft and without any sharp edges. So the entire experience will be quite comfortable for you. 

If you are looking to get clear braces in Austin, Tx, do reach out to Dr. Mike Naussbaum at 360 Dental. They provide excellent care to all their patients so book your appointment for clear braces right away!

Christie Lewis
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