3 Benefits of Braces that Are Not About Looks

3 Benefits of Braces that Are Not About Looks

Kids needing braces are such a common financial complaint for parents that it has become a staple of family comedy shows and the discussion around these dental devices often centers how the wearer looks before, during or after the treatment. Straight teeth are beneficial for more than just aesthetics, however, and can offer help with digestion, oral health and speech impediments.

Digestion Help

One of the side effects of having healthy teeth is that it helps you chew and digest food better. This benefit is mostly understood by those who have had to replace teeth or live with painful chips and breaks until a visit to a dentist can be arranged. Straight and healthy teeth will fit together better to chew and grind food for easier digestion. Some foods, like apples, are harder to eat if your teeth are misaligned because of the strain put on them during biting and chewing. If you are having issues eating, then visiting a dentist in Florence AZ can help you fuel your body with less pain.

Better Oral Health

Brushing, flossing and using mouth wash a couple of times a day are ways to improve your oral health by removing harmful bacteria and their sources of fuel from your mouth. Those three tools are more effective when used on aligned teeth because overlapped or twisted teeth can create hard-to-reach spots where plaque can build up between visits to the dentist. They can also create unusual wear patterns or strain on the structures of the mouth, leading to degraded jaws, gums or chewing surfaces.

Clearer Speech

Phonemes, the sounds that make up words in a language, are made using a combination of the vocal cords, the resonating cavities in your head and the way your tongue moves against the surfaces in your mouth. Misaligned teeth or missing teeth can create unusual gaps or tongue shapes for the sound to travel around and make your speech slurred or whistle. Braces and speech therapy work together to correct these problems and clear your speech. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, clearer speech can give you more confidence throughout your life.

Dental care, like braces and cleanings, can help give you a straighter and more brilliant smile, but they can also be good for your overall health. Straight teeth can improve your digestion, reduce your risk of oral disease and clear your speech. It can even be easier to avoid cavities and tooth decay with aligned teeth because your toothbrush and floss will have better contact to the surfaces.

Christie Lewis
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