What Makes CBD a Good Alternative to Apoquel?

What Makes CBD a Good Alternative to Apoquel?

Apoquel has always proved to be a great solution to stop itching in dogs, but it has side effects on the animals’ health. Thus, many pet owners are trying a natural alternative to apoquel. You can find several effective and safe options in the marketplace. 

CBD or cannabidiol can be a good alternative to apoquel. It is a compound you find in hemp and cannabis. CBD oil doesn’t comprise delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which makes marijuana psychoactive. Most of the CBD products are composed of hemp but not marijuana.

So what makes CBD a great alternative to apoquel?

Find out the reasons below:

Promotes Health

Cannabinoids interconnect with endocannabinoid receptors based in the peripheral and central nervous systems. The interconnection helps in maintaining balance in your dog’s body and makes them healthier.

Kills Pain

Your pet tends to experience body aches due to factors such as fractures, surgery, and aging. If you use CBD oil consistently, it reduces their pain and cures chronic diseases. 

Boosts Immune System

CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory oil. This natural alternative to apoquel also boosts your dog’s immune system significantly. 

Decreases Anxiety

Like human beings, animals, too, face anxiety. Cars, fireworks, and thunderstorms can have a considerable impact on their anxiety. They can even attempt to jump out of a car’s window. To calm them down, give them some CBD before you take them on a ride. 

Improves Fur Texture

As the skin is the largest organ in the body, it needs regular care. Allergies and lack of nutrition could ruin your pet’s skin and coat. When you regularly apply CBD oil to your dog’s skin, it shows significant improvements in fur texture and thickness. 

Builds on Bones and Joints

As your pet grows old, they tend to have arthritic pain. To cure arthritis in your senior pet, use CBD oil. Once they consume CBD oil, they can experience improvement in their bones and health. 

Besides the benefits mentioned above, CBD has some side effects on your pet’s health. For example, your dog may observe a dry mouth as CBD decreases the production of saliva. In addition, a high dosage leads to a blood pressure drop which creates a feeling of lightheadedness. So, consult a vet about the right dosage. 

In a Nutshell

You must have understood by now what makes CBD a good natural alternative to apoquel. However, before using CBD, you should keep in mind certain things about it. First, ensure the oil does not contain fungicides and pesticides. Second, the more expensive products are better and have a higher quality of ingredients. 

Check if the CBD available in stores is free of additives. Do the research and make sure the manufacturer gives a certificate that shows the total quantity of CBD that the product contains. Several CBD products consist of only minuscule amounts of the actual ingredient. Also, make sure that there is little to no THC in the product. 

Purchase CBD as a liquid. Though you can buy dog food consisting of CBD, the finest form can be an oil or tincture. Check the ingredients, CBD levels, extraction process, and seller’s reliability before buying this product. 

Christie Lewis
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