Shedding Light on Working With Celebrities Using the John Branca Harvard Interview and Other Testimonies

Shedding Light on Working With Celebrities Using the John Branca Harvard Interview and Other Testimonies

Working alongside famous people is a dream job for many, but it is not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes the glitz and glam have a darker side. The Harvard interview with music lawyer John Branca, and other stories from those employed by celebrities, give us some surprising insight into working with the famous.

Expect the Unexpected

When working with famous people one must always be prepared for a third response when giving only two options. The John Branca Harvard interview shows this when entertainment lawyer John Branca tells the story of when he gave a celebrity two choices; knock once or knock twice, and that celebrity knocked three times instead. This shows how unpredictable celebrities can be. There is no really great way to prepare for all the possibilities because often famous people have unconventional and unanticipated ways of responding to life.

John Branca on Being a Music Lawyer from John Branca on Vimeo.

Be Prepared To Get Personal yet Confidential

Working with the stars usually means becoming quite close to them. It involves taking on many personal roles in their lives; friend, counselor, housekeeper, detective, nanny/pet sitter, and learning their most intimate details. It is also an incredibly secretive business though. People who work with celebrities often sign non-disclosure agreements. Celebrities’ employees exist on the inside of very exclusive and informative circles, but they cannot tell anyone about it. Talking risks their jobs, reputations, and possibly more.

Get Ready To Stay Busy

It probably comes as no surprise that a job with a celebrity is a 24/7 affair. It does not mean not getting any sleep or having no free time ever, but it does mean always being available and ready to drop plans at a moment’s notice. It also means staying ahead and running around all day into the night. Working with a celebrity also means traveling with them everywhere and at times even living with them. It is a hectic existence but it can be very lucrative and rewarding too.

Not All Will Be Glitter and Gold

There will be fancy hotel stays and gourmet food tastings, but not everything is glamourous. There are crazy hours, long days, and the jet lag can be excruciating. Some celebrities are mean to their help and as the John Branca Harvard interview indicates, disagreements among them can be extreme. Still, these jobs are hard to come by and even harder to keep, as you are still just a paid employee that can be replaced. This makes these jobs difficult to navigate but worth it if you can manage to.

Working with stars can be a dream come true, but there are clearly some darker parts to existing just outside the spotlight.

Christie Lewis
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