10 Of The Best Oahu Luxury Vacation Rentals

10 Of The Best Oahu Luxury Vacation Rentals

When it comes to vacation hot spots, virtually everyone always has Hawaii on their minds The crystal clear waters and warm sands over there in Hawaii, or to be precise in Oahu, is hard to find anywhere else in the world. However, the problem of plenty bothers with respect to Hawaii, as in deciding which island is the best location for a vacation.

That said, Oahu has proven to be a popular choice in Hawaii for many obvious reasons. Simply put, the qualities of Oahu are exciting and colorful at every turn. Surrounded by the big waves of the pacific ocean, it’s also very easy to find a vacation home that sits right on top of the water. Because of this, Oahu vacation homes usually come with unique features and amenities such as surfing huts, snorkeling cruises, and diving expeditions. Also, Oahu is known for being one of the most accepting of locals on the entire Island of Hawaii. In many cases, locals go out of the way to provide vacationers with memorable experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. Needless to say, it’s quite obvious to see why people choose to find vacation rentals on Oahu as opposed to anywhere else in Hawaii. With this in mind, let’s go over ten of the best Oahu vacation rentals.

#1: Blue Mahina At Sunset Beach House

Situated in the distinguished North Shire of Sunset Beach is the Blue Mahina At Sunset Beach House. To begin with, it is easily one of the most unique looking vacation homes with its ocean blue color. As far as amenities are concerned, the house includes amazing ocean views, high ceilings and open living spaces, and entryways that lead directly to the pacific.

#2: Malaekahana Beach House

With the Malaekahana Beach House, vacationers are given secluded oceanfront privacy with benefits that are hard to beat. It makes up a total of four bedrooms and three baths for more than enough room for an entire family. As opposed to creating an exciting vacation experience, this home creates a relaxed laid-back vacation experience.

#3: Kailua Beachside House

Out of all the Oahu luxury vacation rentals, the Kailua Beachside House makes the case for being the most luxurious of them all. This house makes sure to keep quality in mind with everything from its beautiful landscape to its remodeled look. Some of its main features include a private pool, water sports gear, and open floor plan.

#4: The Green Pineapple Estate

The best feature that The Green Pineapple Estate has is its ability to create a home away from home feel. With enough room for a small family, this rental has everything a family would want including a master suite, game area, and plush resting spots. It is also situated in a quiet community allowing for peace and comfort during any time of the day.

#5: Ahakea Family Home Rental

More than anything, the Ahakea Family Home Rental is a popular choice for being a well-rounded vacation home. Neither too big or too small, it is the perfect size for a family looking to fully experience the island at their own pace. This home includes a family sitting room, open spaces, and is situated close to malls and local restaurants.

#6: Hale O Napohaku Vacation Rental

The Hale O Napohaku Vacation Rental is known for being a home-style resort. In other words, it offers top-notch personal attention and service with a look of a local home. This unique blend is hard to find in Hawaii. Nonetheless, the convenient and beautiful surrounding also integrates the island within the home in a way no other rental does.

#7: Lanikai Beach Rental

Serving tourists and locals since 1985, the Lanikai Beach Rental is perhaps the most trusted rental on the entire island. By all accounts, this rental goes above and beyond meeting expectations. This is done through exceptional customer service and attention.

#8: Shangri La By The Sea

The first thing people notice about the Shangri La By The Sea rental is its stunning architectural details. This home has quality furnishing going along with the home features that seem to fit perfectly. With amazing views of the pacific as its main attraction, the is nothing not to love about this rental.

#9: Bird Of Paradise Vacation Home

Situated in a gated community, the most noticeable benefit that the Bird Of Paradise Vacation Home allows for is tranquility. Apart from that, this home is also luxurious with every inch. Some of its main amenities include a fully stocked kitchen, plush and cozy relaxation sanctuary, and outdoor living space extension.

#10: Helen’s Beach House

Last but not least is Helen’s Beach House rental. What’s interesting about this home is that it has everything that might keep vacationers from going out and exploring the island. This is not necessarily a bad thing as its location makes it so everything pushes towards the open waters. That said, some of its main features include stylish design, room to sleep up to 15 people, and proximity to local shops and restaurants.

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