To The Vicious and Hypocritical Mental Health Experts, Shut the Ef Up

To The Vicious and Hypocritical Mental Health Experts, Shut the Ef Up

Can all the self-qualified mental health experts take a break now? Please. This is the literally the worst possible time to demonstrate your FOMO.

Also, before you copy-paste a friend or celebrity’s post, know this:

People don’t reach out to their friends because people have troubles of their own, that they got to deal with on their own.
It’s depressing as it is, please shut up with the philosophy now.

Nepotists Also Have a Mental Health

Relentlessly, from the last 36 hours, the mental health aficionados are keeping themselves busy wrecking havoc on the mental health of Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt, etc. by viciously and literally accusing them of being singlehandedly responsible for the suicide. Do you even realize what that can do to a human’s psyche?

Do you dumbfucks actually think that if someone walks around with the tag of nepotism attached to them, they become immune to mental harassment or problems and emotional trials of life in general?

Do you sickos realize how Alia Bhatt – a girl even younger than Rajput – or Karan Johar – the man who has been subjected to vicious trolling from over 3 years now – may be feeling reading your tweets that pin all the blame them on them?

They are also made of the same flesh and blood as everyone else. Ever thought of that?

Would you or your likes (or the Kangana Ranauts of the world) only feel better if one of these “priveleged, rich kids” kill themselves too?

Seriously, fuck.

Rohit Raina
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