The Denim On Denim Trend Is a Fashion Style That Does Not Age

The Denim On Denim Trend Is a Fashion Style That Does Not Age

Denimwear becomes a perfect base for any outfit and ideal for a casual day-to-day style or even a night out. Over the years, denim as a clothing item has gone through a lot of changes.

In the 1800s, denims made their debut and were considered to be durable, but not stylish. It was only in the 1930s that they entered the Hollywood industry and became mainstream. In 1952, when Marilyn Monroe wore a pair of jeans, denims made way into the women’s wardrobe too.

Denim on denim became a major hit in 1988. Different styles of womens’ jeans and denim wear have come into light over the years. Denim wears are a timeless fashion trend that hasn’t worn off in its appeal. Moreover, layering up in denim isn’t bad at all if worn and carried out well. As a matter of fact, they look phenomenal!

Denim on denim fashion trend for women

Get yourself the perfect pair of fitted women’s jeans to style up this ageless fashion statement the best way possible. Image Source: Canva

A lot of celebrities over the years have been spotted in this look. This clearly symbolizes that its a fashion style that does not age! When the popular couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore the denim on denim look to the American Music Awards, it became a fashion rage, and over the years, this trend got revived and notched up by several popular celebrities. Popular icons like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber have recently sported this look in many refreshing and new ways.

Denim on denim fashion trend for women

When has wearing denim jeans ever been the wrong choice? Women’s jeans have evolved over the years, and people have paired them with some exceptionally chic fashion accessories which end up looking classy. Women’s jeans go well with a nice jacket or boots of contrasting shades. A pair of sunglasses, pumps, or a tote bag completes the look.

All said, when it comes to a denim on denim outfit, there are a few important things that one can keep in mind. 

  1. Since you would be donning a denim look, it’s essential to avoid accessories made of denim as well. Hence the denim shoes, denim hat, or a denim handbag should completely be avoided. But, a scrunchie made of denim might go quite well with the ensemble.
  1. A denim blazer and jeans with a crisp, white formal shirt can create the perfect impression for a workwear look.
  1. A striped T-Shirt with a double denim look paired with a pair of sneakers can rarely be a wrong combination, ever. A colorful patterned tee might work wonders too.
  1. Try sticking to one familiar brand of clothes while donning the entire look as it helps from an appearance and quality standpoint. It makes the whole ensemble more dressy, consistent, and attractive. The pieces should have a similar vibe as well, which could be relaxed or fancy. The vibe should be consistent to make the denim on denim look stand out.
Denim on denim fashion trend for women

How are you styling your denim on denim look? Image source: canva

  1. The accessories should look subtle and nothing too flashy or gaudy.
  1. An oversized denim jacket over a denim shirt paired with ankle-length tattered womens jeans (boyfriend or skinny) is perfection made in heaven when coupled with neon sneakers adding a splash of vibrant, quirky vibe
  1. Nailing the denim on denim look is all about mixing and matching the colors and hues to make the denim layers look less monotonous and boring. Moreover, accessories like a bright scarf or a vibrant tee under a denim jacket and over a pair of womens jeans can add a lot of glamour to an otherwise dull outfit.
  1. Make sure that the entire ensemble resembles a set when you opt for denim on a denim look. 
  1. A solid color t-shirt, or boots, when paired with a look inspired by this trend, can look astounding.
  1. A lighter shade of denim usually attracts attention and can accentuate your figure, but a darker shade, on the contrary, brings out a leaner/slimming effect. The most popular choice suggests pairing a darker shade of womens jeans with a lighter denim jacket or a shirt.
  1. It’s essential to understand that we don’t want to wear clothes that look too alike; hence, the clothing items that we wear should not be exact matches.
Denim on denim fashion trend for women

Denim on denim sure is a fashion style that does not age! Image Source: canva

  1. Ripped denim is a trend that has become quite fashionable in the womens jeans section and, in fact, a very viable option for the denim on denim look. 
  1. One must be careful not to consider accessories, which include tacky belts, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, or bolo ties when denim on denim look is in mind.
  1. Red lipstick, a chic tuxedo blazer, or a pair of sharp heels that fall under luxurious items are an excellent option to elevate the denim on denim look.
  1. Always ensure to aim for a fit that suits your body type well. A denim shirt which is of a relaxed fit paired with a straight bottom, which isn’t too baggy, generally does the trick.

There are multiple ways to play around with this classic, evergreen style statement. You can sport this look across different seasons as there are multiple variations and styles to choose from without fretting. Go creative and style away to perfect your denim on denim look with a well-fitted pair of women’s jeans!

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