Hills of Jawai: A Sacrosanct Habitat for India’s Leopards

Hills of Jawai: A Sacrosanct Habitat for India’s Leopards

Mostly, hills and mountains are known for their altitude and other geographical features. But the hills of Jawai are known for its most famous inhabitants. Indian leopards made it their home a couple of decades back and today, they are thriving there with an abundance of food, water, a poaching-free, and secure area. These are granite hills that were formed probably millions of years ago due to volcanic eruption and now they are providing a perfect haven for leopards that are able to find a plethora of caves in them. If you just take a look at them, you will be able to reckon its grandeur and when you come closer to them, you totally feel mesmerized.

What is so special about Jawai Hills?

Granite is an igneous rock that is formed when magma is cooled off and solidified, there are quite a few places in India where you can find these rocks but only in Jawai, they provide sustenance to wildlife. With this attribute, they become more than just rocks to everyone, they give shelter to this vulnerable species whose survival has been endangered because of various reasons. In all the other wildlife conservation areas of India, the focus is on tiger who are bigger in size, so if a tiger dwells in a particular he/she drives the leopards in far-off places and leopards become an easy target for the poachers and sometimes, mob-killing due to infringement into human settlements.

In the past, we have seen some heinous incidents in which the poor creature has been beaten to death by locals and ironically, it is the latter that is encroaching the area of the former.  The hills of Jawai have provided safe shelter to these spotted big cats, here, they don’t survive on the mercy of larger big cats and the co-existence of leopards and humans in this region will surely surprise you. That is true, these very hills that have provided habitat to the beasts have also become a place of worship for humans. There are quite a few temples carved out in these hills and they are frequented by both the species here. 

A place where impossible things happen

In these hills, there are many stories that are told by the locals, that’s because the rocks are more the oldest relics in this area and there are plenty of anecdotes and legends connected with them. The grandeur of these hills tells you a lot and once you visit them, you actually get to feel it, you get engrossed with their views that you can take its picture endlessly. Furthermore, you can also do adventurous activities like trekking or cycling without the fear of getting attacked by a leopard. These big cats share an uncanny bond with humans and there hasn’t been a single attack on the latter by the former or vice-versa. 

For the humans, the leopards are guards of their local goddesses and their claims get ratified as well when we see leopards frequenting the temples and not harming the devotees. These hills show you how perfect the bonding between humans and leopards could be. The rocks and boulders have seen aeons here and represented this region more than anything else. A hike on these hills can fill you with adrenaline and make you feel better, therefore, if you are coming to visit this land, make sure that you come prepared for this adventure as well. In case you fail to admire the beauty of these hills by seeing the pictures, we suggest you come and see them with your own eyes.

With Thour, come closer to Jawai Hills 

A visit to Jawai cannot culminate unless you spend some time on these hills, there are plenty of vantage points from where you can take marvelous stills of this region. You can actually do much more than you can imagine here, the rocks are large and they are easy to climb on. If you think you will need some special gear then you are wrong, all you need is a guide who could accompany through your hike or trek. And if you really want to enjoy some thrilling time on these hills, then you should plan your tour with Thour Nature Resorts. We are the ones who are determined to bring our guests closer to this region in every possible way.

With us, you can climb on the granite hills of Jawai and feel the thrill at its best, we make it possible with experienced and professional trekking guides. Besides the safari ride and various other activities, we also allow our guests to enjoy trekking in this region. We make sure that do you it in a safe area where you cannot come across a leopard or any other animals. Thour Nature Resort gives you Jawai leopard safari camp that engulfs every single activity you want to do on an expeditious getaway. Our team ensures that you could get ace trekking and safari experience along with the finest facilities for stay as well.

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