How to Plan a Fun Bucks Night in Gold Coast Australia

How to Plan a Fun Bucks Night in Gold Coast Australia

Gold Coast is the Las Vegas of Australia, but with a number of casinos, tropical weather, much taller buildings, surrounded by five theme parks, and next to the beach. All this makes the city the perfect destination for a bucks party. Having the responsibility of organising the perfect bucks party is a bit overwhelming. This is one of the biggest party celebrations in any man’s life, meaning the stakes are pretty high for anyone put in charge of planning it. Here are a few tips and ideas for a fun Bucks night in Gold Coast:

Plan the Night to Match the Attendees

From the unforgettable topless waitresses to the classic boat rides, there are plenty of things to do and see in Gold Coast. The first step to having a fun night out is to plan the activities to match the interests of the groomsmen –of course, the groom is an important factor in the overall planning. Be sure to experience things outside your itinerary as some pleasurable and unforgettable moments are the unplanned ones.

The Venue

The venue is an important element for a fun bucks night. Luckily, the city has a range of options to choose from. If you are looking for a wild night out, the city’s famous night clubs like the Vanity Nightclub, Melbas, or Sin City Nightclub, are a great choice.

There are also several amazing bars, including 1 Two 3, Runaway bar tavern, and Currumbin sports bar, for the boys to kick back and watch a game or have a few rowdy drinks to get them pumped up and ready to party.

Another great alternative venue to consider is a private cruise. The city has several rivers and canals that flow into its harbour; therefore, book a private party boat and cruise along these canals.

Food and Drinks

No bucks party is complete without tasty drinks. Clubs and bars have enough to serve, but private cruises will require you to bring your own drinks. Ensure you carry enough to last the entire night.

After all the drinking and partying, you still need to eat. Pizza, burgers, and other simple foods from Oporto and Pizza Capers are great choices for a bucks party.

There are also several great restaurants for you to enjoy both local and international foods. Some of them include Frenzy Food Court, Willow Dining Room, Allure on Currumbin Restaurant, Black Angus Restaurant and so on.

Bucks Party Ideas in Gold Coast

From low key, to out of ordinary, to wild activities, the city has it all. Depending on your crew, here are some bucks party ideas for your big night:

Topless Waitresses and Strippers

There’s an unwritten rule that a bucks party isn’t complete without some level of nakedness. Hitting the strip club for some seductive dance form sexy girls is the way to end your single life in a pleasurable style. There are also some golf courses that offer fancier parties with some adult fun as well.

If you are not a fan of strip clubs or want a more personal touch, then hiring private strippers in Gold Coast is a must. They can do their magic at the comfort of your hotel room. Also, the sexiest way to enjoy a drink is being served by topless waitresses.

Cruise Entertainment

For a more special night, take a cruise on a party boat. You can customise the party to your groomsmen liking. The beautiful coastline, warm ocean breeze, and some music is a fun way to create a more reserved party. But for a wild night of booze and debauchery, hire some strippers or topless waitresses, have a banging sound system, and carry enough drinks and foods for the entire night.

Casino Games

Engaging in casino games is a great way to have a fun bucks party while earning some cash. Let your adrenaline rush as you play slots or table games like poker at one of the casinos like The Star Gold Coast. The topless girls guiding you and catering to your every need will turn the casino into a true buck night.

Ultimately, a bucks party is about sending a man into the next stage of his life. While it’s okay to have fun and go wild, it should be done with as much respect and dignity as possible and not extreme drunkenness or humiliation.

Caroline Bird
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