Five Things To Never Forget When Planning An Event

Five Things To Never Forget When Planning An Event

Planning an event is a piece of cake. But planning a successful event needs huge organization and public dealing skills. Managing so many details and caring about even the tiniest matter is no job for weaklings. Event planners have to tread on thin ice to avoid a disaster. But sometimes they slip a critical issue that ruins the whole event. Be it your office party or wedding reception; you can’t ignore some details as an event organizer. Here is a checklist to help you remember all that is important.

Five Unforgettable Event Planning Details

Preparing a budget or allocating responsibilities; organizing overall an event is a tough job. Some event planners often overlook specific imperative details. Here we’ll discuss five significant matters that should not be ignored if you wish to organize an unforgettable event.

An Easy Registration Process: 

Don’t forget to make the registration process convenient for the guests. Take the least information possible from them. Limit your form to their names, contact numbers, and email addresses. Too many questions intimidate people. So, it’s better not to make the registration form look like an official survey. You need to provide the necessary information about the event to your guests as well. You want people to have no problem arriving at the venue. So, furnish your website with the correct time and location of the event. Also, estimate a headcount beforehand to avoid any future embarrassment.

The Layout Of The Venue Hall: 

The capacity of the meeting place must correspond to the number of guests you’ve invited. Parking becomes a nuisance sometimes if not arranged properly. Don’t overlook parking details. If it isn’t free, include the parking costs into your budget. Your vendors will arrive with their gigantic vehicles. They’ll have a parking space too. It would be best if you also made the hall’s layout easily understandable for the people. You should also provide them with facilities such as phone charging, Wi-Fi, or restrooms. If there aren’t any built in restrooms at your venue, you can also opt for portable restroom rental in Salem, OR that can accommodate your guests well.  

Your Contract With The Vendors: 

Never forget to double-check your contracts with the vendors. Always keep their cancellation policies in mind. You can’t solely rely on singular vendors, so have multiple companies in contact and always have a backup in hand. Preparing a plan B saves you the trouble of any last-minute change of plan. We’ve already talked about parking space for the vendors. Make sure to learn about their deposit structure and insurance needs too.

Audience Engagement And Giveaways: 

Customer satisfaction is the keystone of every successful business, and entertained guests are the foundation of a perfectly-organized event. There are many ways to keep people engaged and interested. You can hire a well-known speaker or avail the services of a prestigious “personality.” Games and competitions work for both adults and children. You can offer giveaways or goodie bags for the guests as a token of gratitude for their participation. 

Record The Proceedings For Feedback: 

The success of your next event depends upon the success of the present one. Therefore, don’t forget to gather evidence of your accomplishment. Take pictures of all memorable happenings that have occurred during the event. Don’t ignore the value of photographers and videographers as they secure material for effective post-event feedback. Hence, recording the event makes it a memorable experience for everyone.

Valuable Tips For Event Organizers

There are many unforgettable details you should remember. It’s impossible to list them all down for, but the following are the most significant. So, here are some valuable tips for event planners and organizers.

  1. Don’t let a slow Wi-Fi displease your distinguished guests. Check its stability and bandwidth to make sure it satisfies the venue’s needs.
  2. Check for the guests’ food preferences and menu variations. There will be some vegans among the attendants, and some will be lactose intolerant. You have to make sure they are comfortable with the food.
  3. Appoint one guy to monitor the lost-and-found booth.
  4. Get music permits and alcohol licenses. 
  5. Your staff and volunteers should be comfortable as you are responsible for them. Prepare chairs, water, and snacks for them. 


You might’ve heard someone utter: If anything can go wrong, it will. It is Murphy’s Law, and it helps event planners a lot in managing disasters. Careful planning of the event will prevent any catastrophe that could render the whole venue shattered. You need to organize the event in its entirety, from hosting guests to vendor dealing. Logistics, food supplies, and staff recruitments are crucial components of a successful ceremony. When you combine all these umpteen details, you get yourself a perfect event. 

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