Dress Tip: Measurements Matter in Sizing

Dress Tip: Measurements Matter in Sizing

One can never overstate the importance of measuring tapes when it comes to dresses. A measuring tape can help open the world of selection to online dresses Canada.

Virtual shopping can be fun and full of choices. If you hesitate because of sizing questions, get a tape measure. After wrapping the tape around strategic areas, you’ll have valuable information to ease your decisions about clothes to buy.   

Manufacturers use different sizing systems, which also vary by country. A retailer’s size charts and diagrams on the website are very helpful. By having your measurements handy, you can reduce the stress and time it takes to order a dress.  

You may have an idea about your dress size. If, like many women, you are between standard sizes, having recently taken measurements will give you data to navigate size charts. By comparing your figures and chart numbers, deciding on small, medium or large sizes will be clearer.

Make an accurate record of your bust, waist and the natural and lower hip areas. With only underwear on, wrap the tape around your back and underneath your arms to the fullest part of your bust. Then measure your waist at its narrowest circumference. The tape should be neither slack nor tight.

Shopping with a friend often makes for a good time. That can apply to virtual ventures, too. If your friend helps with taking measurements, the process will be easier, and the results will be more accurate. Maybe she needs a measurement update, too. 

Now that you have answers to your size questions, enter the virtual store with confidence.

See a dress that looks just right? Check for size availability immediately. It’s pointless to consider fabric and other factors if the dress isn’t available. Knowing your measurements before shopping will help avoid choosing a dress and being disappointed that your size is sold out. 

Also, look at the site for tips about how a garment will fit. The seller may indicate that a size “runs large” or “runs small.” Customer reviews shed light on if descriptions and results were satisfactory. The retailer may welcome questions submitted online.

While shopping online and checking size charts, take a few minutes to review the retailer’s policies on returns, exchanges and refunds. Often a garment that doesn’t fit can be returned, but it’s best to be aware of specifics before making purchases.

Package delivery can be exciting. Try the dress on. A good fit? Great. If not, you or a tailor may be able to make an alteration or shorten a hem.

Taking body measurements is worthwhile preparation toward successful online shopping trips to find the perfect dress.  

Christie Lewis
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