A Friend in Deed and A Friend if You Plead

A Friend in Deed and A Friend if You Plead

Every drama has a queen, a king, a prince, and some friends. Typically, a notion of a buddy is someone who shares a similar wave-length. Either it is that, or the smart-ass has finally understood you after a helluva time of bromance or BFF‘ness’. Your friend circle, typically, comprises of birds of a feather. However, if yours is a bunch of poles apart personalities you don’t have a buddy band – instead yours is power circle.


They say that variety is the spice of life, we say it is that ‘AND’ the key to life. You all will agree that a fat guy, a lanky lad, a cute girl and a hot babe make an interesting assemblage. Motley of friends creates a more vivid picture. Of course, looks are not the point here. But the effect of variety in amigos is just like the assortment of chocolates that Gump said that life was a box of. Forever or just for a passing phase, here are the types of friends everyone should have in life:

The Agony Aunt

A tear drop every now and then keep adding the fuel to your friendship. Throw in loads of emotional drama (a break-up incident or a more tragic one, for example) to keep them closer. An agony aunt is a sucker for sob stories. They will drink all the melancholy down in one gulp without even burping once.

 The Cool Dude/Dudette

Give them a sob story and they will stare you right in the face for a while and then give you the coolest ever funda to chillax. The cool dudes are the ‘at peace’ types. They have an enviable leisurely pace to everything they do. Temper doesn’t stand a chance in front of them.

 The Dark humorist

You don’t come to them if you need a dose of laughter. You turn to them at times when you have been slapped hard by life’s sarcasm. You need a dose of dark inspiration. You can’t deny you need to laugh a bit on yourself; but you can’t. They show you the way. They smartly trick you into a clownish mood. Either that, or they just get you some beer – Finally, you are happy!

 The Love Guru

Things can get confusing and complex if you don’t have a guru in matters of the heart. While you may have a thin layer of air surrounding you that puffs your chest up whenever you see a pretty lass and makes you cough on every disappointment, it is the ‘love expert’ you turn to for some advice in the matter of amour. Surprisingly, the so called pro may never have been in your situation, but seems to know all about it.

 The Friend with Benefits

Let’s face it: Everyone needs to experience this strange bonding once in their life. And most do, even though only a minority will confess that they had a friend that they ‘kind of’ dated. Whether it works out or not ‘the benefit’ is that there is no confusion about this relationship.

There is something special about every buddy (pun intended). The technology geek who dropped out of college to start his own firm; the ‘chashmish’ who obtained a doctorate in oncology; the lanky girl who married fashion for life – all have been a part of your being. Together they create joie de  vivre!

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