Bar Gifts for a Home Mixologist

Bar Gifts for a Home Mixologist

Whether he was a bartender in a past stage of his life or just loves to create new and interesting cocktails at home, he is sure to love a gift that encourages his creativity and ability to impress his friends at the same time. You’re in luck because creating cocktails at home is definitely on trend, and you’ll have a lot of fun, stylish, and tasty gifts from which to choose.

The best gifts for men are the ones that come from the heart, and knowing you made an effort to pick out something he enjoys so much will show him just how much you care. 

Top Gifts For Mixologists

So, what do you get the mixologist in your life who enjoys bartending at home or at parties? These home bar gifts and cocktail gifts will have him feeling like a big-city bartender, mixing up tasty concoctions for thirsty patrons. And who knows? He may end up creating a new drink named after you and the fabulous gift you’ve given!

Cocktail Glasses & Barware for His Home Bar

Let’s start with the basics. Whether he loves an Old Fashioned or enjoys sipping margaritas poolside in the summer, a great cocktail needs the proper vessel out of which to drink it. The design of the cocktail glass plays a key role in how the drink is consumed and savored.

If he’s a fan of the Old Fashioned, a rocks, or lowball glass is the perfect one. It’s short and wide so it can hold ice and other ingredients, as well as making it perfect for muddling and stirring. Other classic drinks like the Paloma and Tom Collins should use a highball glass which allows for plenty of ice and keeps the beverage nice and chilled.

Other types of cocktail glasses include:

● Zombie glass

● Coupe glass

● Martini glass

● Copper mug

● Margarita glass

● Hurricane glass

For an added touch of class, give him personalized barware with his name or a favorite quote etched in it.

The holidays and other special occasions are the perfect time to bust out the punch bowl for his signature punch. Get him a punch bowl set which includes punch glasses, and turn the next family get-together into a raucous good time.

Is he tired of mixing cocktails in a corner of the kitchen? Every cocktail lover needs his own home bar cart so he can show off his skills in style when he has friends and family over to visit. They also make the ideal place to store his cocktail glasses and other tools so they don’t clog up the kitchen.

Cocktail Tools

He’s going to need more than just a kitchen spoon to be the legendary mixologist he knows he can be. Upgrade his bar game with a quality set of cocktail tools, including a strainer, shaker, jigger, muddler, and mallet for breaking up ice. There is a plethora of high-quality cocktail toolsets available in styles to suit everyone, including stainless steel, copper, matte black, and more.

Just like every great chef needs a great chef’s knife, so too should every mixologist have a quality bartender’s knife. This can be used for everything from slicing fruit and chopping herbs as garnishes to creating impressive orange curlicues that spruce up a variety of cocktails.

Other cocktail tools include:

● Citrus press

● Citrus peeler

● Ice cube molds

Must-have Cocktail Basics

Any great bar, even a home bar, has the basic ingredients you need to mix the classics, including cocktail syrups. The most versatile is simple syrup, which is used to sweeten cocktails without adding a different flavor. It naturally binds the flavors of the cocktail together for a balanced and delicious drink. Grenadine is another versatile and popular syrup that is made with pomegranate juice, sugar, and lemon. You can get him the individual syrups you think he’ll want or better yet, buy him a set of must-have cocktail syrups that includes mint syrup, demerara, agave, and ginger.

If he enjoys time spent wasting away in Margaritaville, then he’s going to need salt for the rim of the glass. Gourmet salts make a great gift and can also be used in cooking, grilling, and other kitchen endeavors.

Cocktail Accessories

If you already have a single-serve, pod coffee machine in your kitchen, then you know just how convenient it is. And you can enjoy the same great, gourmet flavor of your favorite brands of coffee. Well, now for the cocktail lover in your life, there is also a single-serve cocktail-making machine that makes crafting a cocktail quick and easy.

Having guests over for a cocktail before dinner? Create a stunning charcuterie, cheese, and cracker tray on a personalized serving board.

Perhaps he’s not as well-versed in cocktails as he’d like to be. You can now give him the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about crafting delicious cocktails with a mixology class in your local area. Make it a date and take the course, as well. Then you can see who has learned the most and crafts the best cocktails for household mixologist supremacy. There are also several books targeting mixology for beginners, which will give him the basics he needs to get started.

A bit of a splurge gift due to their price, a home ice maker is nonetheless a fun and exciting gift for any cocktail lover.

Whiskey-inspired Gifts

Give him his favorite whiskey for his next big celebratory occasion, or research a special bottle of his favorite style of whiskey to make him feel extra special. But when it comes to whiskey gifts, nothing is more fun and exciting than a smoking gun or cocktail smoking kit. You’ve seen them when you’ve been out to eat – the server brings a cocktail with a lid over it and lifts it at the table as savory smoke billows out from below. It’s a showstopper, and now he can use a smoke gun to deliver the same results at home, thoroughly impressing all who stop by to experience his mixology magic.

Upgrade his cocktail game with one of these bar gifts for him, and he’ll be thanking you for many holidays and special occasions to come. 

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