Beginners Guide To Becoming A Vlogger – 2020

Beginners Guide To Becoming A Vlogger – 2020

Vlogging is simply posting videos online about the vlogger’s life or other things he thinks he should convey through a video post rather than writing on a blog. Video blogging has today become the most effective tool for content creators to reach a wider audience through social media channels. Vlogging is growing to become the future of advertising. 

Sharing video blogs is a great way to make connections and increase the follower base. It gives you an opportunity to boost search ratings, attract an engaging audience, showcase the products and expand the reach. If you too are thinking of giving it a try, this guide will help you get started. 

1. Research

Begin with analysis of a few vloggers you like and try to find out what has made them so popular. Use their advice and style to improve your own vlogging. It is not about copying them but getting inspired and learning from their experience. 

2. Decide the channel’s theme

Next, you should decide what type of video blogs you want to upload. You can start with your daily activities and then proceed to make them fun and interesting as the number of subscribers increase. If you are interested in a specific topic, look at other bloggers and take inspiration from their channels. 

3. Identify your target audience

Having a clear idea of what type of viewers you want for your channel is important. Understanding the target audience and their preferences is key to vlogging like any other form of online promotion. 

4. Create a youtube channel

Make a new YouTube channel using your Google account and choose a good name and icon for your channel. Also, add an appealing description using the targeted keywords so that your channel has a chance of appearing in google searches. Your channel description should explain what to expect so you can increase Youtube viewers, likes & shares.

5. Get the right equipment

You should have a good camera to be able to make high-quality videos. You should also invest in a mic. You can even borrow these equipment from somebody in the initial stages of vlogging. You can start with free video editing software and upgrade as you grow. 

6. Make your video

Now you can start writing your ideas and coming up with content to be clear of what you want to include in the video blogs. You can then make natural video and use editing to make it better. Record with calmness and be spontaneous. Speak without being silent for long. Use proper lighting. 

Don’t forget to include interactive elements in your video. Engage with the audience, ask their opinions, tell them to subscribe and comment and then don’t forget to respond. Use personal gestures when signing off. Most successful vloggers have their unique gestures and phrases that make them memorable. 

7. Upload to YouTube

Edit the video and export it to YouTube to let it go live. You can either publish or schedule the video. Add the right title using keywords to make it appealing. Choose a thumbnail that urges viewers to watch the vlog. Finally, add the video description which decides whether your vlog appears on the search engine rankings. 

8. Promote the vlog

Promote your vlog on your social media by sharing a link and asking your friends to share it. 

9. Keep going

It is important to be consistent with your vlogs to be able to attract more subscribers. More you upload, the greater are your chances of being found. Moreover, they will like you for being loyal and recommend you to others. 

Also, have patience. You can’t get millions of views at first. Keep improving and uploading. Create a schedule and stick to it. Make connections with other bloggers and people and make collaborations to grow your channel fast. 

Rohit Raina
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