7 MakeUp Brushes You Need to Get Ready Under 10 Minutes

7 MakeUp Brushes You Need to Get Ready Under 10 Minutes

In the universe of female beauty, there’s a proverbial signboard that tells you that you have reached womanhood once you have an entire collection of make-up brushes. They should be your best buddies, even though they can sort of get difficult to decipher sometimes.

Make-up brushes made from superior quality hair allow easy pick up, smooth blending, and better coverage for a flawless makeup application. To glam up and try different looks at home, never forget to have makeup brushes in your arsenal.

This guide will help you understand basic makeup-brushes and thus guide you to look flawless every day.

1. Powder Brush

A powder brush is the first essential in your make-up kit. It has long, fluffy and soft hair strands that distribute loose powder evenly across the face. With this make-up brush, you can ensure that you do not dispense too much product, just so your make-up does not look cakey.

You can find this brush in different sizes. Depending on the size, you can apply the required amount of blush and bronzer easily with this brush.

2. Contour Brush

Contour brushes are typically angled and have soft and dense hair. This make-up brush enables you to get the perfect airbrush finish with every make-up application. It is suitable for both liquid and powder make-up. 

3. Foundation Brush

Meet the brush that is specially designed to make your foundation feel like second skin. There are different types of foundation make-up brushes available in the market. You can choose from flat, angled, fluffy, and domed brushes. These make-up brushes help youget more foundation on your skin and less on the brush for a perfect and seamless blend.

4. Fan Brush

Of all the make-up brushes, fan brush has two essential purposes. It helps in the application of gorgeous highlighterand cleaning up powder make-up mistakes. You can use this brush to dust off excess powder from the eyes and creases of the nose. The ultra-light bristles are perfectly shaped to apply powder highlighter on your cheekbone.

5. Concealer Brush

how to do airbrush makeup

Concealer brushes are brushes specially designed to apply products with precision. They are very good to cover under your eyes and over blemishes. These make-up brushes are essential to ensure a finished make-up look.

6. Lip Brush

A lip brush is thin, hair brush that is useful for applying lip color impeccably. Especially while applying dark lip colors, lip brushes help inaccurate applications. With the use of a lip brush, you will be able to outline and fill your lips correctly. There are different types of lip make-up brushes like a lip filler and lip liner. Another advantage is that a lip brush helps you build color, which is harder to do when you apply the lipstick directly.

7. Eye Shadow Brush

Eye shadow brushes are a vital requirement in your make-up brushes collection. You will find that there are two kinds of eye shadow brushes. One of these brushes is fluffy and medium-sized. It is great for applying eye shadow on the eyelid and blending it out. The other brush is small and slightly more pointed at the tip. It helps you apply and blend eye shadow with ease into the creases of your eyes.

Get Ready in Minutes

These personal make-up brushes guide will help you get ready in under ten minutes. Exploring and experimenting with new looks is so much easier with these brushes in your make-up kit. You can explore the makeup brush collection from Vega that offers you premium quality products.You can also buy from the Vega online store. Become a pro at home with nothing but the best make-up brushes!

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