Why a Chromebook Is the Ultimate Laptop for Writers

Why a Chromebook Is the Ultimate Laptop for Writers

Writing as a profession has changed a lot, thanks to the digital age. Gone are the days of having to type something up on a typewriter and have it mailed in if you like to be paid. These days, getting your payment is as simple as emailing off your finished work and sending an invoice through a payment processor.

If the tool is no longer the typewriter, then what is? That’s none other than the laptop computer. At one point, it was arguably the desktop computer, but these days, more and more people have just a laptop, ignoring bulky computer towers altogether unless they are into the newest video game technology. Now, many different manufacturers are looking to cater to this new class of working professionals.  

People want a laptop that does everything it should for writing, without much care for any extra bells and whistles. Here’s why the Chromebook is a writer’s best friend:


A Chromebook, very often, only has the bare necessities to have a functional computer, with most seldom having more than 100 GB of hard drive space in favor of storing everything on the cloud. This has made for thinness that parallels many Apple products, not to mention how superbly lightweight they are. Many writers take advantage of their ability to choose their workplace, so having a laptop that’s easy to lug around can help make this dynamic lifestyle a reality.


Since Chromebooks are essentially made solely for browsing the web and watching movies, the technology burden is rather low. This brings down the cost considerably, with some Chromebooks going for less than USD 300. It goes without saying that this makes it the best laptop for writers on a budget. A single paycheck from any minimum wage job is all someone needs if they wanted to begin a career in writing via their laptop, significantly lowering the bar for entry.

Supremely Functional

While five to ten years ago, it might have seemed illogical to have a laptop with such little in the way of hardware, these days, many people understand that they mainly use their powerhouse laptops for relatively low-intensity activities like writing documents or browsing social media. For what the Chromebooks are, which is essentially the bare minimum necessary to have a functional computer, they work superbly. Even some of the less expensive options can still smoothly run several tabs of work, as well as a video or two before the user will experience any slowdown.


The life of a writer is hectic, often involving lots of moving around and enough room for a bit of dynamic flair in the workday. Also, many writers need more than one laptop lying around, if only as a backup. For anyone who makes their living writing online, a Chromebook is a no-brainer and practically a necessity. Just snatch it up and away as you go, ready to put those ideas into a document. Word processors don’t take up a lot of computer resources, so these are computers that don’t have a lot of resources to take up in the first place. In the end, it doesn’t hurt the wallet to purchase, and only helps the wallet as far as completing work is concerned.

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