White Cotton Milk Socks and Lolita Fashion: Dressed to Kill

White Cotton Milk Socks and Lolita Fashion: Dressed to Kill

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The Lolita wardrobe is in a league of its own, with an audience of its own. Carefully curated at every turn, every item of lolita clothing is selected with the precision and intention to create the perfect look. From the dress all the way down to the socks, no detail is overlooked. In fact, socks actually spark quite a bit of debate and can truly change the whole look of an outfit. So, let’s just take a look at a few types of Lolita socks and the effect different sock styles can have on any given outfit. 

Socks Complete the Outfit

Simply comparing the following two photographs demonstrates just how much an effect the sock choice can have on an outfit. Check it out for yourself:

Image at the top is beautiful and ornate; a classic Lolita look. The silk and lace stockings exude a very victorian vibe. Had the dress been paired with ankle length cotton milk socks, the look might not appear as sophisticated. The lace heighten the look and compliments the dress.

The image below features ankle height cotton milk socks. The thicker stocking and cotton socks combination gives this look a very youthful and Sweet Lolita feel. The youthful Lolita look is especially emphasized by the kitten heel Mary Jane shoes. Had this dress been paired with the lace socks from the first image, it would have been an entirely different look. In my opinion, the cotton ankle length milk socks were exactly the right choice for this look.

Varying Sock Lengths

People come in all shapes and sizes. Different wardrobe choices flatter different body types and it’s important to recognize what you think flatters your shape best. Let’s take a look at how varying milk sock heights can flatter your body and inform your outfit. 

Calf Length Milk Socks

The first image provided features a calf length milk sock. Shorter milk socks give a more youthful appearance and a very carefree and innocent charm. When selecting socks to suit your body type, calf length is ideal for people of average height and build. They can actually lengthen the appearance of your legs especially when paired with either a kitten heel or flat shoe choice. 

The shorter socks would be an especially appropriate attire choice for the warmer springtime and summer months. Ideal skirt length for ankle height socks would be above the knee or tea length. Both of these skirt heights would be considered comfortable for the warmer weather and flattering on any body type.

Over the Knee Milk Socks

The second image provided features over the knee socks. This length gives a much more mature feel than the previous calf length socks. Over the knee socks have a fun, flirtatious and provocative charm. The length of the socks definitely draws the eyes upwards and brings attention to the length of the skirt. 

This look is especially flattering on individuals with long legs. However, people with shorter legs can definitely still wear this look. If your legs are shorter, just be mindful of the skirt height. Keeping your skirt a little bit shorter will give the illusion that your legs are longer. Over the knee socks are ideal for the fall and spring when the weather is a bit more moderate. 

Full Length Pantyhose

The third image provided features full length pantyhose. This style gives a very youthful appearance, especially when paired with an innocent dress featuring ponies and flat Mary Jane shoes. Any body type can wear this look. However, shoe height and skirt length should be taken into consideration. If you are shorter in stature, a bit of a heel on your shoes can give the appearance of longer legs. For taller frames, Flat shoes will give a more youthful effect. 

When it comes to skirt length, if you are shorter in stature, avoid cuts that are right below the knee. Tea length and above the knee will give a lengthened appearance. If you are taller and striving for a more youthful innocent look. avoid short skirts and keep the length either at the knee or below. Full length pantyhose are perfect for the winter months when the air is chilly and you want to be a bit more bundled up. 

Pairing Socks with a Dress

Choosing black ankle socks can seem to be a difficult task, but really it’s quite simple if you break it down. Focus on a few key points when making your selection:

  1. The features of the dress.
  2. The colors of the dress.
  3. The length of the dress.

For example, take a look at the following dress:

This Gothic Lolita Long Sleeve Dress has several unique features: the bows, the raised collar, and the ruffles. As for the colors, it’s simple and plain black. Pair dark socks with predominantly dark colored dresses. Lastly, the length of the dress is short enough to compliment black ankle socks. This combination provides the perfect gothic Lolita look. 

Let’s try another outfit building example. Start by picking your favorite pair of socks. For instance, take a look at these simple “Lovely White Lace” milk socks below. They are a great staple piece for a Lolita wardrobe and can be paired with a variety of outfits. Next select a dress. We’ll pick this “Hand Stick Series Dress” for our example. It pairs beautifully with the, “Lovely White Lace” milk socks. This combination really captures the classic Lolita look. The long sleeves and the over the knee socks combined create a perfect fall or spring outfit. 

Bold printed Lolita socks can be the perfect building block for an outfit. Let’s take a look at these two printed Lolita socks as examples: 

The first pair is knee length Sweet Lolita White Knee Socks, featuring a cute strawberry and cat print. These socks are very youthful and innocent with the pastel colors. They give a young, fun, playful schoolgirl charm, perfect for the Sweet Lolita style. The second one features rose printed pantyhose. The print alone gives a very sophisticated and classy charm. There’s a pretty big contrast between the knee socks and the pantyhose and truly the choice comes down to personal preference.

The Lolita style is more than just the clothes you wear. It’s also largely about making it personal to you and not being afraid to say what you like and don’t like. It’s a beautiful way to express yourself especially when you have so many options to choose from! Choose the socks you like best and create the perfect outfit that represents you. You are unique and special and that deserves to be celebrated! Let’s dance, Lolita!

Christie Lewis
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