Unique Ways of Wrapping a Wedding a Gift

Unique Ways of Wrapping a Wedding a Gift

As soon as the marriage-date of your relatives or friends approaches, it is quite natural to indulge in the rat-race of buying expensive and stylish clothes, because we all want to attract the maximum eyeballs at the wedding ceremony. However, apart from noticing the physical appearance, the guests keep a constant eye on what you have brought as the wedding gift. 

Of course, the bride and groom would be gracious to accept anything you bring with courtesy. But if your present is wrapped using lazily, you could become a laughingstock.   

There is only one way to avoid such an embarrassing situation. That is, learning creative ways of wrapping a wedding gift. They are not as hard you might have imagined. Your 2 cents of dedication will get the job done. So without further ado, let us unveil them in the following section:     

  1. Heart cut out

This is easily one of the top-of-the-table gift wrapping techniques of contemporary time. Two things can be credited for its popularity. Firstly; it is super easy and serves as the towering example of “maximum output in the minimum effort”. Secondly; the papercut shapes of hearts align perfectly with the auspicious occasion of a wedding. Before diving into the step by step process of the heart cut out the wrap, ensure the availability of Wedding Gift Paper Supplies, scissor, pencil, x-acto knife, glitter paper, cardstock and cutting board. Once you are equipped with the said accessories, you are good to go.    

  • Pick a card, design the shape of a beautiful heart and crop it out. 
  • Now you have a template of heart in your hand. Next up, draw multiple shapes of heart on the wrapping paper with the help of the template. 
  • Bring the x-acto knife into play and cut one side of the heart which you had just drawn on the wrapping paper. 
  • Fil the empty side of the heart with a glitter paper. Since glitter papers are a little thickish, be more watchful while doing it. 
  • Replicate the same procedure on all the hearts.
  1. Print photo wrap

There are many marriages where one does not share the special attachment with either bride or groom but still, you have to be there out of formality. At the same time, you may also occasionally chip into the marriage ceremony of a person that happens to share emotional bonding with you. It could be an old friend, a distant cousin, neighbor, etc. 

Print photo wrap is a kind of technique that is best suited for the last category of people. You are quite unlikely to find this method tricky even if you have never engaged in gift-wrapping all your life. 

Here is what you will require for this fun adventure; a printed photo that reflects a memory you shared with the gift-receiver, satin ribbon, cutting mat, and ruler. The directions for this wrap are as follows:

  • Make sure your printed photo fits well on the gift box. If you do not know how to adjust sizing scales in a printer, seek help from a professional. 
  • Trim the photo but leave the borders white up to an inch. 
  • Cut the photo from the center-top and bottom a touch wider than the size of the satin ribbon.
  • Pass the satin ribbon from the slits, and now you are all set to wrap the ribbon around the gift box.

Owing to this personal touch, your gift will easily outshine the rest. 

  1. Sharpie bow on holiday paper

Albeit easy, the above gift decors on this list are not a cakewalk. They are quite capable of taking an average layman out of his comfort zone. But that is barely the case with sharpie bow wrap up. If you are well-possessed with decent drawing skills, you can nail this creative gift wrapping. The process goes like this:

  • Wrap your gift box simply using a wrapping paper.
  • Now take out your sharpie paint pen and draw a catchy bow on one side of the pre-wrapped gift box. Remember, the color of your sharpie paint pen must not overlap with the color of wrap-paper or else the bow will not be visible enough. 

Let us face it, not all of us have ample time to spend on the extravagant wrapping of a gift. Thus, this style can work wonders for those who cannot help attending marriages in the nick of time despite the best of their efforts.  


Do not lend an ear to someone who tries to convince you that the packing of a gift does not matter. It is as important as the gift itself. If you want to walk off the marriage ceremony leaving a good impression, just pick a wrap pattern from the types mentioned above. 

Photo by Giftpundits.com

Christie Lewis
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