4 Strange Rituals Vikings Practiced

4 Strange Rituals Vikings Practiced

The Vikings had different traditions and sacred beliefs. They believed in so many gods and goddesses that their beliefs fluctuated among people. The Vikings talked to the spirits, worshipped their dead ancestors and practiced so many different rituals during birth, wedding and burial ceremony. They practiced interesting but brutal traditions like sacrificing. They had many rituals, and they celebrated every one of them. Their celebrations were brutal just as they were. Here are some of the strange rituals:

  • Human Sacrifice: The archeological remains of Vikings points towards the human sacrifices in their culture. It was said that they sacrifice 81 men in nine days and hang them in a sacred tree near the temple, where this horrifying ritual was being practiced. The Vikings exercised this tradition to honor their God, Odin and they thought it would secure victory in the coming year. Mostly they sacrificed slaves or criminals, but in extreme times, they even sacrificed their King.
  • Wedding Ceremony: The wedding in the Viking culture was held on Friday, which was also called Frigg’s Day. The reason behind the marriage held on Friday was to their Goddess (Frigg) happy, which was said to be the God of fertility. The ceremony starts with sacrificing an animal, then the groom has to give a sword to his wife so she could give this sword one day to his son. In turn, the bride also has to give a sword to the groom. Then they head towards the hall to feast, and the groom would plunge the sword into the pillar. It was believed that the deeper the sword would go in the pillar, the more luck and children the couple would have. Then the couple would be accompanied to bed, and everybody will watch the consummation and the next day the bride’s hair would be covered with cloth to show her status as a wife and the man will give the keys of his house to her wife.
  • Infant Rituals: When the baby was born, he was laid down to the ground until the father of the child pick him up to cover with him its coat, which means the father has accepted his child Then the child would be inspected for any problems. If he has some problem, he would left to die. If the bay was healthy, they would sprinkle the water on the baby in a ceremony called “AusaVatni’. Then there will be a naming ceremony called “Nanifest,” where the baby would be given a name and gifts which would be a ring or a farm or a land deed or some kind of weapon.
  • The Blood Eagle: The most brutal method of execution you have probably seen in the tv show Vikings. In this method, the victim was placed down, and the eagle would be carved on its back with an axe. The ribs of the man will pull outwards to representing an eagle’s wings, and then the salt was rubbed into the unfortunate soul wounds. Finally, they will pull out his lung, and the victim will be dead. This method was used by Vikings to kill their King Aella of Northumbadria.

This vicious and brutal period had come to an end when the Viking age ended in 1066 AD. Now the remains of their lifestyle are in museums, archeology archives, and the jewelry. Their symbols carved into the necklaces, rings and beard beads are the executive. You can buy these excellent Viking jewelry pieces on vikingcaulking store, and you can also gift them to your friends and family to cherish the love in your bond as these symbols have profound meanings hidden in them.

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