SC’s Credit Card Rewards Program: Find Out The Best Credit Card To Suit Your Lifestyle 

SC’s Credit Card Rewards Program: Find Out The Best Credit Card To Suit Your Lifestyle 

Credit cards can be of great help to you in your daily life. From saving your time in standing in line for payment of utility bills to letting you buy the things you desire the most without further delay, a credit card has become the most preferred mode of payment for many. Getting a new credit card is not complicated at all. In fact, now you can find the most suited credit card in India for your lifestyle online as well. Standard Chartered credit cards offer rewards of different types in expenditure ranging from travel to dining. The bank also offers Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards credit that brings great deals on shopping, travelling and dining. Let us explore some of the features of the rewards credit card of the Standard Chartered. 

Characteristics of Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card

Contactless Credit Card

Standard Chartered offers cashless credit cards to make payments in a quicker and easier way. This is done with the help of contactless credit card. Use the card while paying your dinner bill or shopping bill by just tapping the payment terminal. No PIN or any other details are needed to be entered which makes the process highly convenient.

The Standard Chartered rewards card offers a wide range of facilities for new cardholders. SOURCE:

Supplementary Credit Cards

You can also extend the benefits of the best credit card in India for you, to your closed ones by providing them with the supplementary Standard Chartered credit cards. Whatever reward points they earn through shopping or dining will be reflected in the primary credit card.

Secure Online Transaction 

The enhanced security features in the Standard Chartered rewards credit cards assures the cardholders for making online payments. With the help of 3D secure OTP verification facility, you can pay to various merchants online.

Transfer Balance from Cards

The Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards credit card offers the facility of transferring the balance from other credit cards into it at amazing interest rates. This makes SC rewards card as one in all card. Use this feature to move all your outstanding balance from other cards into the SC rewards card to reap more benefits. 

Balance to EMI

One of the great features of SC rewards card is that you can convert your outstanding payment into EMIs of a preferable tenure. The great part about converting the balance into EMI payment is that it involves zero processing fee. 


You can use your Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards credit card to avail a loan up to Rs. 5,00,000 for a period ranging from a year to 5 years. 

Benefits of Standard Chartered Rewards Credit Card

What makes a Standard Chartered credit card the best credit card in India is the great range of exciting offers it provides to the users. Perhaps this is the reason that despite the tough market competition, SC credit cards are faring excellently. Let us look at some of the benefits that a user can expect from an SC credit card. 

100% Cashback

If you are a new SC credit cardholder, you will be getting an unbelievable 100% cashback benefit on restaurant bills for the first three months. The cashback maximum amount would be 500. 

Reward Points

The Standard Chartered credit cardholder will be earning 1 reward points on every transaction of Rs. 150. On the greener side, if the transaction or purchase is related to dining, hotel or fuel expenditure, the rewards points per 150 rupees would be 5. This implies that paying bills on lifestyle expenditure will earn you 5 rewards points for every Rs. 150 spent. 

Dining Discount

A great perk for food lovers is that the Standard Chartered rewards credit cards offer up to 15% off on around 850 restaurants across the country. 

INOX Entertainment

The Standard Chartered Bank has tied with INOX cinema to provide you an amazing discount of up to 25% on movie tickets along with 10% off on food and beverages on weekends. 

Gold’s Gym

With the Standard Chartered rewards credit card, a direct amount of 1000 rupee will be waived off in your Gold’s Gym membership fee. 

Shopping Offers 

For those who love to shop, Standard Chartered provides excellent discounts on various shopping malls across the country. This is one of the best reasons to grab the rewards credit card!

Renewal Fee Waiver

If you have spent over Rs 60,000 during the year, the good thing is that the renewal fee for the next term gets waived off. 

This is just a handful of rewards which the Standard Chartered credit cards provide. They offer much more than that. Looking for the best credit card in India means getting a card where you avail maximum returns in one form or another along with feasible interest rates and flexibility in payment methods. The Standard Chartered credit card serves all of this facility.

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