Leveraging Franchises to Start a Small Business to Be Your Own Boss

Leveraging Franchises to Start a Small Business to Be Your Own Boss

Toiling away day in and day out under the watchful eyes of micro-managers or prying co-workers can be a grind, especially if the job doesn’t reflect your passion. Of course, a regular paycheck and benefits are reasonable trade-offs, but many still long to own a business and be their own boss. Unfortunately, many people’s dreams to become a small business owner are often stalled, whether it’s due to financials, nerves, or even conceptualization of the ideal business opportunity.


In most instances, the expense required to kick off a business can be addressed. Individuals who are serious about taking this major step will have to prepare a business plan which includes financing. In rare cases, small business owners can entirely self-fund an enterprise. Typically, they will be forced to look for external funding. There are multiple sources for these types of loans, depending on the route the individual is willing to pursue. Financing options include private lending companies, banks, the U.S. Small Business Administration, or even family and friends.

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The next step for most people is to leave behind the security of a traditional job. Many are understandably hesitant despite their yearning to go after their dream of being self-employed, especially if they have a family to support. But then, healthcare and retirement benefits are tempting perks that they willingly walk away from with the conviction that owning a business will be emotionally and financially rewarding enough to make it worth the gamble.


What if you can scrape together the cash and the courage to build a business, but you lack the creativity to come up with a viable concept? Franchises are an option that plenty of hopeful potential small business owners have turned to when they are looking to get their feet wet. When you own a franchise, most of the work is already done for you on the front end. Aside from the initial investment in time and money, the ongoing commitment tends to be focused more on operations.

There are pros and cons to owning a franchise, but it’s an appealing option for people making their first foray into the business world. There are a wide variety of franchises to choose from, so the choice won’t necessarily be straightforward. Be sure to research the franchises to find the right fit. Other than the services they provide, there are significant differences in the cost of the franchise fees, necessary training, available locations, start-up costs, required net worth, and royalty structure.

Many small business owners balk at the fees and royalties, but essentially, they are purchasing a business and marketing model that has already proven to be successful. The franchise comes with brand recognition, so the small business owner can bypass many of the pitfalls that new businesses struggle with at the outset. This way, they can concentrate on operating the company almost immediately with fewer distractions.

While becoming a franchisee may not be your dream, it’s certainly a conduit that could help put you on the path toward realizing your ultimate goal of creating your own small business. Franchises offer invaluable business insights you can apply to future endeavors and generate cash flow that can facilitate ongoing opportunities.

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