How To Keep Fit When Travelling

How To Keep Fit When Travelling

If you’ve finally gotten yourself into a good routine with healthy eating and working out, you know you’ll see the results you’ve been waiting for. But what about when you start to travel the world? When you’ve no daily routine, plenty of new food to try and of course drinks-a-plenty you might worry about how you’re going to keep on track.

Sure, this doesn’t apply to everyone who likes travelling or spends a good deal going places; not everyone is super specific when it comes to tracking fitness metres even during a vacation.

But then, there is a growing number of those who have become fitness conscious over the time, so much so that they don’t want to let their hard work in gym go waste over a few days.

Don’t worry, we have you covered, read on to find out how you can keep fit whilst travelling.

Get exploring!

This is the ideal way to explore the new destination you are in, whilst keeping active. Even if you’re on a beach holiday a gentle stroll, or even a morning jog will work wonders. If you’re in the city, stroll around to see the sights and save money on transport. Not only will you get your steps in but you’ll get to experience this destination in a whole new light.

Build healthy movement into your day, while still taking your time to relax, unwind and take in the beautiful scenery.

Look for local gyms and fitness classes

No matter where you go in the world there is a high change that there’ll be a local gym or exercise class that you can attend to try and stay active whilst you travel. You might even find a gym that will offer a discounted price or even a free trial if it’s your first time attending. If you’re staying in a hotel, make sure to check if your hotel has a gym with a fitness class schedule. We know that when you travel your schedule will be hectic and that with jet lag, travelling and late nights, it can be hard to get motivated. But if you even just dedicate 20 minutes of exercise a day it’ll make all the difference to make sure you don’t let you pre-travel fitness schedule slide.

Bring some light exercise equipment on holiday

It may seem like a crazy idea, but taking some light exercise equipment with you might help to encourage you to work out. Resistance bands might be a good idea because they’re light, compact and will fit easily into your hand luggage. So no matter where you are or where you are travelling you can incorporate a strengthening workout into your day.

If you have more room you could also bring a very light yoga mat or a skipping rope. Perfect for mixing it up and keeping fit on the go. By bringing some equipment along you will be able to pack in an effective workout wherever you may travel. Having a physical reminder of your keep fit intention, might also help you to stay active during the trip.

Download a fitness app

This is a really important way to make sure you have a workout ready at your fingertips.  Having a fitness app on your phone means that you’re ready and able to get in a workout whenever it suits you, with or without a gym. There are many apps out there that cater for a variety of levels and cover many different styles of workouts. From cardio, running to pilates or yoga, you’ll find something to make sure you keep your fitness plan going.

Go swimming

Swimming is a fantastic way to keep fit whilst on holiday. It is a gentle form of exercise that serves as a total body workout and relaxing cardio. If your accommodation has a pool then you can easily incorporate this with your day. If you are staying by the beach then a dip in the ocean would be an ideal way to spend the evening or start your morning.

Go Dancing

The ultimate workout. Why not combine having a little fun with fitness? Spending a night on the down you wouldn’t believe how much exercise you get from busting out all of your moves. So go dancing, have fun, stay up until the little hours and feel good that at least you can count that towards some cardio.


No matter where you are you can practise yoga. This light, gentle form of exercise can be helpful to ease tired, sore joints that are stressed from travelling or being crammed into a sleeping bus. You can get some great yoga apps for all levels. Yoga is also practised worldwide, so it’s very likely there will be a yoga class near your accommodation.

Most importantly don’t put too much pressure on yourself

Everyone needs a holiday, keeping fit is important but don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. There are always ways to make sure your body stays active, make the most out of situations that will help. You might not always have access to a gym or have a class you can attend but as we’ve covered, there are more ways to keep your body fit and active.  

Written by Sarah McCann, Content Writer at MyBaggage

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