Government Initiatives And Support For Scaling Up Businesses In New Zealand

Government Initiatives And Support For Scaling Up Businesses In New Zealand

New Zealand, renowned for its stunning landscapes and welcoming culture, is also a fertile ground for entrepreneurial innovation and business growth. As businesses in the country strive to scale up and make their mark on the global stage, they can find substantial support in the form of government initiatives and programs. In this blog, we will explore the various ways in which the New Zealand government fosters business growth, providing a robust foundation for scaling up and achieving success.

The Importance of Scaling Up:

Scaling up a business involves expanding operations, increasing revenue, and broadening market reach. It’s a pivotal step that not only contributes to a company’s growth but also drives economic development and job creation. Recognizing the significance of scale up New Zealand government has implemented several initiatives to support businesses on this journey.

Government Initiatives for Scaling Up:

Business Growth Agenda (BGA):

The Business Growth Agenda is a comprehensive framework that outlines the government’s commitment to supporting business growth. It encompasses various policy measures and initiatives aimed at streamlining regulations, reducing red tape, and fostering an environment conducive to business expansion.

NZTE Services:

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is a government agency dedicated to helping businesses succeed internationally. They offer a range of services, including market research, business development support, and access to international networks. For businesses looking to scale up by expanding into global markets, NZTE is an invaluable resource.

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive:

In a bid to encourage innovation and competitiveness, the New Zealand government introduced the R&D Tax Incentive. This initiative provides tax credits to businesses engaged in research and development activities, making it financially feasible for companies to invest in innovation and technology-driven growth.

Regional Development Initiatives:

The government recognizes that different regions have unique strengths and challenges. To address this, it has launched regional development initiatives. These programs focus on enhancing infrastructure, supporting local industries, and creating job opportunities in various regions across New Zealand.

Funding and Grants:

Callaghan Innovation Grants:

Callaghan Innovation, a government agency, provides grants and funding opportunities for businesses involved in research and development, innovation, and technology. These grants can be a game-changer for startups and established companies alike, facilitating their scaling efforts.

Export Market Development Grants:

For businesses looking to expand their reach into international markets, Export Market Development Grants offer financial assistance to cover costs associated with market development, trade shows, and promotional activities.

Skill Development and Training:

Apprenticeship Boost Initiative:

To address skill shortages and foster workforce development, the government introduced the Apprenticeship Boost Initiative. It provides financial incentives for employers to hire and train apprentices, ensuring a skilled workforce that can contribute to business growth.

Skills for Industry Programmes:

Various programs are designed to upskill and train employees in sectors critical to New Zealand’s economy. These initiatives not only benefit businesses but also strengthen the overall workforce, making it more competitive on a global scale.

Sustainability and Environment:

The New Zealand government is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. It offers programs and incentives for businesses to adopt sustainable practices, reducing their environmental footprint while also appealing to conscientious consumers.


The New Zealand government’s commitment to supporting business growth and scaling up is evident through a comprehensive array of initiatives, grants, and services. These programs empower businesses of all sizes to expand their operations, innovate, and succeed in a competitive global landscape. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea, a startup looking to break into international markets, or an established business seeking to grow, the government initiatives outlined in this blog can serve as invaluable resources on your scaling-up journey. As New Zealand continues to foster an environment conducive to business growth, the opportunities for scaling up and achieving success are brighter than ever.

Christie Lewis
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